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8 DPO with cramps July 23, 2007

Filed under: ttc — charlotte @ 5:01 pm

S has had a few pully crampy feelings today, which is good, I think. Right? I am wedged in a place where I desperately don’t want to get my hopes up, but it is happening anyway, and I can’t help it. Gah. Should I just go for it? Be happy? Assume she’s pregant? Assume she’ll stay pregnant? I don’t know if I can maintain it. I’m so scared. This part of the wait is the WORST for me. Days 8 and 9. Yuck.


7 Responses to “8 DPO with cramps”

  1. e. Says:

    this is the hardest part of the tww – the home stretch. i say go with hope – it’s got to be better for you than the alternative. i’ve got everything crossed for you!!!

  2. Calliope Says:

    cramps on 8dpo sounds a heck of a lot better than no cramps.
    Allowing myself to feel very, very hopeful & positive for you. Can’t stop myself.

  3. oneofhismoms Says:

    A-ha! I thought there was someone else wedged in here with me. You never want the hopes to go up too too high, because the fall is that much worse. I think day 8 cramps are probably better than day 9. But who knows? I hope they are a good sign.

  4. Trista Says:

    You know I’m pulling for you.

  5. Lo Says:

    I hope it’s a good sign, too. I know that that feeling was one of the things that was “different” for Co the time it worked…

  6. Co Says:

    The cramps sound promising to me. S. had them the last time she was pg, right?

    Everything crossed.

  7. Megan Says:

    All fingers and toes are crossed at our house for you guys!!

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