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vacation July 22, 2007

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Why is getting prepared to relax so stressful? Jesus. Anyhoo, we are preparing to attend the wedding of a friend and life has been crazy. We are at 7DPO, and S has had some interesting crampy feelings, but I am trying not to get my hopes up. We will find out whether she is pregnant RIGHT before this wedding…one where we are both speaking. Well, I’m doing a reading and S is singing. Have I mentioned she can sing? She can. She rocks. So either she’ll be knocked up (and weepy) or have PMS (and be weepy). Period is due the day after the wedding. Good lord. I will try to post this week about something other than days to ovulation or days past ovulation. Did I mention that this wedding is for my ex boyfriend, who I lived with as a teenager, with my parents, who took 6 years to get over me breaking up with him, and continued living with my parents after we broke up, and he calls my mom “mom”? I’ll let that sink in.


One Response to “vacation”

  1. Calliope Says:

    um. wow. still sinking in.
    I think what is amazing is that you AND S are involved in is wedding. It is proof that you are wicked awesome. I doubt I could be involved with any of my ex boyfriend’s weddings!

    & oh the waiting….right here with you.

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