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waiting July 16, 2007

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waiting. waiting. oh, more waiting?


another two week wait is here. we did do a final insem on saturday night (thank you RM for giving us some goods despite your exhaustion). we think the sperms, in addition to all of us, were like ‘again? seriously?’

we believe that S ovulated on sunday, leaving a very good insem schedule behind: every night for 4 days leading up to the night before ovulation. it doesn’t get better than that. well, it would be better if we *knew* she ovulated. so we wait, and wait, and wait. we will find out when we are on our way to an out of town wedding. we will test from CD11 onward, which is in 10 days. i’m trying not to panic. when i imagine it no working i feel flattened, and when i imagine it working i feel terrified. good lord.


9 Responses to “waiting”

  1. Calliope Says:

    waiting sucks.
    the schedule sounds perfect tho- so gold stars on that.

    Now when are you going to make me some cake?! πŸ™‚

  2. Lo Says:

    Crossing fingers over here (and I’m closer than usual!)

  3. cori Says:

    Good golly ladies. It really does sound like a lot of work. Hang in there. Will cross fingers and say a baby prayer for you gals.

  4. Sully Says:

    Perfectly sound feelings πŸ™‚ OMG what if it works…then OMG what if it doesn’t? Quite the paradox we put ourselves through!

    Good luck…may the 10 days be swift, and the BFP swifter!

  5. Clare Says:

    wishing you every success.

  6. Rachel Says:

    I’m on the same cycle as S. The waiting sucks. What also sucks is the “If I find out I’m pregnant I’m going to be freaked out and scared” and “If I find out I’m not pregnant I’m going to be sad it didn’t work.” Ugh. I totally understand how much it sucks…it helps me a little to know that you’re waiting, too. We’re not the only ones AND this does work for people so it will work for us, I’m sure!

  7. amanda Says:

    Ugh! i hate that feeling of coming down off all the O excitement just to have a TWW in store. All i can say is distract yourself! We’ll have all fingers crossed. πŸ™‚

  8. Bri Says:

    Argh this fricking waiting. There is SO much of that in this process. I know the scary sad feeling of what if it works what if it doesn’t. I am thinking of you guys. Begging the universe. Which I don’t do, so you know I love you.

  9. coreyjo Says:

    De-lurking to sympathize. I had the exact same thing happen this cycle, just a week before you did – all signs pointing to ovulation on CD 15 but then a temp drop and a frantic email to my donor to come back for another hit.
    Waiting with y’all….

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