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never the same way twice July 14, 2007

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Here we are again with the OPKs, on a weekend, confused. S still feels very bloated and full (even painful), and we just got our ‘PEAK’ TODAY, on CD16. Yesterday looked like a PEAK, initially, but the monitor did not read it as such. There was an LH line, but the estrogen line was still there (meaning estrogen had not gone up significantly yet – which happens before the LH surge.) The other OPKs looked almost kinda positive, so we left WTFs house last night confident that she did in fact surge (sometimes in the past her surges look like this…kinda less spectacular than one would expect), and would ovulate today, probably in the morning. This would have been perfect because our last insem was lat night at like 8:30pm. But today she got a big “PEAK” on the monitor and all the OPKs were undeniably dark and positive. Plus, S feels very bloated and pained still in the ovary area, so we think she has not ovulated yet.

Now, S must bother WTF and RM again, make a 4 hour drive and miss our date night to go get more sperm. I have only seen her for an hour or two every night because I was up staying with WTF and she was coming and going every night because she had to go to work every day.

So I called WTF to see if S can come by again tonight, but she was not home. And we should have triggered. But last time (when it WORKED) she ovulated on CD 15, all neat and tidy – no shot. This time it will likely be CD17. Is that weird? Are the eggs going to be all overdeveloped and tough? Is that kind of delay normal?? Balls. She normally ovulated anywhere from Cd14 to CD16 (usually on CD15), so I guess it is only a 2 day delay, but it feels big, and so much is riding on this try and I just feel so out of control, and tired. This shit is work.


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  1. Co Says:

    CD17 isn’t that late for ovulation. I think you don’t have to worry too much about releasing potentially bad until CD20 or later (and even then, some women still get pg from eggs released CD20 or later).

    And dare I suggest that if S. is experiencing bloating and pain today, she might be ovulating some time today? I know you and S. know her body better than I do (and admittedly, I don’t understand how to read fertility monitors), but I think your timing sounds good, especially since you’re using fresh sperm. If you can get another insem in and you guys want to, great! But even if you don’t, I think the timing sounds good.

    Excuse me now while I threaten the universe on your behalf. THIS HAD BETTER WORK! DO YOU HEAR ME, UNIVERSE?

  2. I’m confused — which monitor are you using? ClearBlue Easy? I have NOT had good experience with that. In fact, the first time I got pregnant, the monitor missed my peak entirely. It told me my fertility was low the day I got pregnant. If I hadn’t spent $180 on an ultrasound, I never would have conceived that day.

    I trust OPKs much more. And I would trust how she’s feeling. Also, what brand of OPK are you using? I went to a talk by Stephanie Brill, who wrote a book on lesbian conception, and she said that not some OPKs are better for women of certain ages. She suggested First Response for women in their late 30s and older. Personally, I have never gotten a positive on the OvuQuick brand my sperm bank recommended, though I consistently get positives on ClearBlue’s non-digital tests.

    Is she taking fertility drugs this month? Clomid tended to delay my ovulation — in fact, I didn’t ovulate on Clomid without a trigger shot.

    Good luck!

  3. Lynn Says:

    Kudos to you girls for treading water through all of this. I check your blog every day for updates. Lets remember 1 positive thing in the midst of all of this frustration- sperm does live for a while longer than most people expect. I am sure you know this already, so, even if she has not yet ovulated, this last batch of sperm could still do the trick. Good luck!!

  4. j Says:

    Ok, so. uh, yeah, i’m waiting for the P.S. on how this all went down. You doing okay???

    Yes. This shit is work.


  5. TTC4years Says:

    A nurse friend once told me something that stuck with me- sperm only serve one purpose, to fertilise the egg…. they want to get in there. They want to do their job.

    I dunno, it just sounded good to me. After all the infertilty stuff we have, it feels nice to have a reminder that stuff wants to do its job, and maybe that helps you get through.

  6. amanda Says:

    But the great news is that your fresh sperm will last for (up to) several days. It sounds like you guys have hit it right on, actually. It would be nice to get one more insem in, but don’t beat yourself up or stress yourself out if you can’t. You guys gave it a great, and very promising!, shot this month!
    My fingers are crossed. 🙂

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