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We’re off July 11, 2007

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Tonight begins three nights of insems. Thank you for making me feel better about the one follicle. It really helped. Today S is feeling a lot of pressure on both sides, so maybe by the time she ovulates more than one will pop out anyway. The pressure at least makes us think that the Clomid is actually doing something.

We are not triggering because we are using fresh sperms and because last time she ovulated fine and it worked with no trigger. I think we’ll go with this, unless it doesn’t work in which case we wil consider the shot. Oh how S hates shots.

I get to spend some time with WTF and Rocket Man, so that is good.

I am considering putting up a cake website and just putting the word out there to my friends locally that I am willing to make some cakes for birthdays and showers, casually, but for money. But I don’t know how to make a website. What is a good, cheap modern design aesthetic place I can go to make a point an click website?

Wish us some ironic babydust as we try, yet again, to make a friggin baby.


17 Responses to “We’re off”

  1. Bebunu Says:

    Good luck, i’ll be cheering! (A lurker)

  2. Rachel Says:


    Good luck and best wishes!

  3. Lo Says:

    Ironic babydust coming at you from this coast!

  4. amanda Says:

    this will work this will work this will work this will work this will work this will work this will work this will work!! i have heard of so many people who had success with their very first fresh sperm insemination.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    (oh, and when i created T’s website i used Yahoo SiteBuilder).

  5. Calliope Says:

    hold UP- you want babydust?!?!
    oh- phew- it’s ironic babydust you are after 🙂
    I’m sending you some fierce MOJO your way.


  6. nycphoenix Says:

    Extra energy vibes from da city coming your way!

  7. Hope Says:

    Good luck!

    I’m not sure about the website. I think there are a ton of options. Are you looking for a freebie or something where someone can submit requests/checkout online?

  8. ohchicken Says:

    not sure how to set up a payment option online if that’s what you’re looking to do. in the meantime, i would recommend starting simple. maybe use a temporary blog format with just basic information and photos. a one page kind of deal, with rates and contact info.

    think of the domain name you’d like to use and purchase it. (i pay about $7/year using

    i have a webmaster friend who is generous enough to host me on his server. maybe you know someone who can do the same…?

    thinking extra fertile thoughts for this evening.

  9. Erin Says:

    I’m a long time lurker/finger-crosser/universe-curser of your blog who has always wished, albeit silently, your family the best. I’m also a graphic design student currently looking for a client for a school project that might fit really well with getting your cake idea out there. Please email me directly and I’ll show you that I’m not a freak and would have fun putting some ideas out there for you.


  10. Sully Says:

    You can set a website anywhere…then simply supply the link. You can do that on Craigslist for example…put adds in the Pennysaver…link to it in your email, and even on this blog for example…hey a little cross promotion never hurts 🙂

    For payment you can link to your paypal account. Then as your business grows you can simply branch out from there.

    Now on to the trigger shot…even though she is Oing just fine w/out…the trigger shot actually helps mature the eggs…gives em’ one final jolt of “mojo” if you will. Thus those stragglers can catch up. Just something to consider next time…no wait…there won’t be a next time because you guys are getting pregnant tonight! What was I thinking!

  11. Co Says:

    Good luck with the insems!

  12. Amy Says:

    Sending you good luck from atlanta…

  13. jay Says:

    good luck! and if you still need a website idea (prolly not, judging from all the cool advice above) i would just go to wordpress and get a blog, tweak the skin and buy the URL (i.e. get the ‘wordpress’ bit removed from the address…for example it would be if you did that for this blog) tired and rambling here, sorry! anyway good luck x

  14. TTC4years Says:

    Hey instead of the highly overrated baby dust, perhaps we ought to encourage some super eco friendly FLOUR dusting of she who is to be insemmed. With this cake business a brewing, we can celebrate the conception of the babe and the business. ( ok, I had way too much caffeine today, sorry.)

  15. Lo Says:

    Hey, I like that idea above. And it ties in nicely with the project our eighth graders did a couple of years ago, carrying around one-lb. bags of flour for a week to see what it was like to be responsible for a baby. Well, let me just say, there was more than a little flour dusting out on the playground…

  16. oneofhismoms Says:

    What a short, but exciting post. Throughout the whole TTC journey, I feel like the insem is the best part. It really represents hope to me.

    I think the cake website is a great idea. You might find yourself with a real business on your hands. And who doesn’t want to have a job that is their passion?

    Calliope is funny. Good luck. Fingers and toes crossed.

  17. The style of writing is very familiar . Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

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