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The Egg report on CD11 July 9, 2007

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I’m not impressed by today’s ultrasound. One follicle measuring 16-17mm, a few others in the 10-12mm range. Lining was 8mm. Lat time (which worked) she had 2 follies on the right side (one 22mm and one 23mm) with a 9mm lining on CD12. So it looks like she’ll only drop one egg which our doctor was totally fine with. To me it sounds like we have a 50% less chance of it working with one egg versus 2 eggs. To me it sounds like a thinner lining (Dr. PSS was totally totally happy with the lining), less eggs, eggs that are not so plump as last time and all of that adds up to IT IS NOT GOING TO WORK. I know deeply that I should not have a lot riding on this try, but I do. I.So.Do.

I survived the fucking miscarriage believing that this try would work.


When I had to check on the follie sizes from last time I was searching this blog in March, which is a totally different season, and feels like eons ago. I feel close to crying again today, which I have not for weeks. And seeing all the pregnants in the waiting room, some with their toddlers just made it worse. We would have been a pregnant woman in a waiting room waiting for a happy ultrasound. We almost were.


I am desperately trying not to figure out how many weeks we would be right now, but I know it would be the second trimester, and S would be showing. Instead we are back to Clomid and monitoring ultrasounds and peeing on sticks, and doctors wands and being at the mercy of other people…we are back to waiting and hoping and feeling hopeless, and number obsessing. Yes, it could work this time, but it probably won’t (at best we have a 25% chance). And I’m pissed because in anticipating this day I assumed I would be filled with that beginning of the cycle hope, and I would be oh-so-happy to be able to try again. Instead I am depressed about the follicle numbers and simultaneously convinced this won’t worl slash every hope I have is riding on this try working. I am making myself totally miserable.


Can this work? I mean I think other people who have a less than stellar Clomid response don’t get pregnant after the miscarriage. Is this going to take months and months and months? I need to prep myself if it is. Was the first pregnancy a fucking fluke? A carrot waved in front of us so we keep running? It is so fucking depressing…the whole not being pregnant anymore thing. It really is.


But enough of my misery. About my cake. Thank you so much for all the props! I am hearing a lot of “you should make money doing this” from you and the friend I gave it to, but I have no earthly idea how to do that. None. I mean could it be worth my time? Would I have to own a bakery? Rent kitchen space? Make wedding cakes for psycho brides?? How would one go about making money making cakes?


9 Responses to “The Egg report on CD11”

  1. Amy Says:

    the cake was really incredible by the way but i really wanted to comment to let you know that i got pregnant with only one mature follicle. i pumped my ovaries full of follistem expecting several ripe follies and when i only saw 1 on the ultrasound i thought i was going to die. our dr. like yours reminded me that it only took one but since the previous few tries had anywhere from 2-5 big follies and those tries didn’t work i was convinced that i didn’t have a prayer. needless to say, we have the most amazing daughter ever as a result of the lone follie so i have a whole new perspective. i hope my experience gives you some hope. you only need one… hang in there!

  2. nycphoenix Says:

    Allow yourself your feeelings and nevre think they are so pwoerful that they would effect the outcome. You’ve done all you can the rest is up to biology and whatever higher power you believe in. Much love and hugs.

  3. Co Says:

    Word of mouth is probably a good way to start up a cake-decorating side business. Just to see if you enjoy doing it when it’s for money and if you can make enough per hour, after ingredients are subtracted, to make it worth your while.

    You could call around to bakeries and get a sense of how much is charged for different kinds of cakes in your area. Then you could let friends know that you make homemade cakes yourself and offer them at rates that are the same as or a little more than those in bakeries. Some bakeries (like supermarket bakeries) actually buy and use vats of premade icing and decorate pre-baked frozen cakes. Yuck, right? That’s why they taste so awful. If people know that, they might be willing to pay a little more for a fresh, homemade cake from you. My friend had a little side cake decorating business through word of mouth.

    Take pictures of all the cakes you make and put them in an album so you have a portfolio to show people. You probably have thought of everything I suggested. Sorry if I’m stating the obvious.

    Let us know if you pursue it.

    Sorry about the one follie. That’s disappointing. Please don’t give up yet though. 16-17 mm is really close to being mature. My R.E. used to trigger me as soon as one of my follies got to be 18 mm. I am hopeful that this cycle is going to work.

  4. Lo Says:

    I have definitely read about many the blogger who got pregnant with one follie (despite Clomid or even injectables). It gave me hope.

    And I second all of Co’s ideas for the cake biz. Start slow with word of mouth and see if you enjoy it before you take any of the larger steps.

  5. Sully Says:

    WOW! Your cake was, is INCREDIBLE! Flyers and advertisments would be a good place to start. You can post photos of your cakes and take orders. It might be slow going at first, but WOW you really could get something started! You could quickly make money!

    Good luck w/this cycle! You just never know what might work!

  6. Rachel Says:

    I have a friend who is a stay at home mom and also does cakes. She is always turning people away because she just can’t handle all the requests (and I love her, but her cakes are no where near as creative as yours). I asked her how she got started and she said it was just word-of-mouth. We’re both military spouses which means plenty of moves but she said she always seems to be able to start-up again quickly after a move.

    The cake lady from our wedding had an album of picutres for us to browse. We didn’t choose anything from the book, but it will give people an idea of your skill level, attention to detail, etc. I hear you on the whole psycho-bride thing though. Like anything, you should have a written contract and if someone is too over-the-top let them know you think they should hire someone else. In any event, you could just start off with non-wedding cakes. If you do a couple of children’s cakes, I have no doubt you’ll be surpirsed how much business you’ll have. It’s all word-of-mouth. Other people have made good suggestions. Especially the pricing one; you have to have prices realistic for you and the amount of effort and time not to mention supplies. It’s obviously a good idea to check out the competition and see what local bakeries are charging.

    As someone who is also ttc, I hear you on the one follicle thing. I started clomid the day after S and I only had one mature (well, as far as I know because I lost my left tube (ectopic) a few months ago and I’m not sure if that ovary produced anything. I forgot to ask how large it was–I always forget the good questions when I’m there. I did get an HCG booster shot, but I’m not feeling very confident. HOWEVER, why do either of us feel this way? Most people only produce one mature follicle every month and they get pregnant. It just sucks.

    BTW, why doesn’t S get an HCG booster shot?

  7. barbara Says:

    I am sorry this is so depressing, I totally understand. I think I just ovulated for the first time after my miscarriage, and I hope to see my period in two weeks. I’ll be going back on clomid and I’ll try to be hopeful but I can’t help feeling just like you, was this pregnancy a carrot?

    The cake looked amazing. Maybe you could promote your abilities to local wedding or celebrations planners? Also, maybe once your business was developed, you could give samples to restaurant owners/managers to try to sell your cakes to them. Just some different ideas.

  8. The month I got pregnant with my daughter….after 6 years and 2 miscarriages…..everything looked wrong.
    My egg apparently already released….we missed it. I was off clomid for the first time. I played too hard and drank the whole weekend…and look. TA DA !
    Don’t be too discouraged yet.

  9. carey Says:

    While I know it’s frustrating to just have one follicle, you are still at an advantage with the clomid. Perhaps it’s a super egg in there 🙂 Her lining is great… keep in mind that it continues to grow each day. Her being at 8mm today is very good. Plus, that follicle will keep growing too… when does she trigger?

    Good luck to you guys… it’s a rough road to be on – I know.

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