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Clomid is done July 5, 2007

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S has had some very bad headaches and some very bad days. Thank god it is over. And thank you to Bri who mailed me some OPKs. It is always lovely to get mail from one of you…makes the whole thing seem less computery. I guess we are just waiting now. We plan to insem next week a few times. OH, and Dr. Poor Social Skill’s office called to say that S should com in on Monday, CD11, instead of Wednesday CD13, because she thinks it is better to fo the monitoring earlier. So we miss out on the shmancy machine. Bummer. I guess we could call to cancel the Monday appt and then they would have to schedule her on Wednesday. I think I’m afraid that we won’t see much of interest on Monday, and I had convinced myself that the 3D ultrasound would be super cool. ??
I am currently baking a cake, which will get turned into a Wi.tch and Caul.dron cake tomorrow. I’ll post pictures if it turns out ok. Actually, I’ll post pictures no matter what because an ulgly wi.tch cake will be humor for all. (BTW the reason for all the is that I made a Ro.cket cake once, posted about it and I still get people every day on this site who looked up how to make a cake (I don’t know why I’m capitalizing that) for their son – the poor souls – what they got was a blog about cervical fluid, miscarriage and donor drama. HAH.)


7 Responses to “Clomid is done”

  1. Megan Says:

    We always have our first bloods and ultrasound on Day 11 after taking Clomid from day 2-6. We got it done today in fact and we saw that the lining needs to be a bit thicker, that there were 3 follicles and what they measured. Its the bloods that tell the real story tho, good luck on your day 11 scan, you’ll be fine!

  2. Sully Says:

    Good luck with the scan…maybe you will get lucky and have a second monitoring on CD 13 with the fancy machine!


  3. Bri Says:

    I usually ended up with a scan on cd11 and another on cd13. Maybe there’s hope for the fancy one. On the other hand, the coolness might not be so much – we didn’t have much luck with the 3D when trying to see TK’s actual body, so I can imagine easily that the follicles would just look like a lumpy blob, sort of like TK’s torso did. Those people who get those crazy face scans are lucky. Ours wouldn’t work.

    Glad the OPK’s arrived. I miss you.

  4. carey Says:

    I wouldn’t sweat missing the 3D chance… having seen one in action, I can’t imagine looking at an ovary in 3D is all that. I mean, the 2D one will show you everything you need to see… and better to be early with the monitoring than to miss it. Good luck!!

  5. Co Says:

    Glad Clomid is over. Must be a relief for S. Clomid headaches suck.

    Glad you guys will be onto the next insem next week.

  6. Calliope Says:

    thinking of you

  7. amanda Says:

    Ha ha ha! Once you’re marked for something, the folks just keep on coming!
    Congrats on wrapping up the Clomid, and good luck with the ultrasound. There’ll be plenty of time to use that fancy one in the near future, so i’d just go with what the dr. recommends. Very exciting!

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