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boring boring boring July 2, 2007

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CD5, day three of Clomid. Nothing interesting on the TTC front. S gets kinda headachy and moody. I call her “Angry S”. Oh, but I have a question…Our beloved Dr. Poor Social Skills wants S to come in on Wednesday (CD13) of next week for her monitoring (CD 13) because she is doing some training for a new 3D ultrasound machine. Is CD 13 too late for monitoring? Last time she ovulated on CD 15, and we monitored on CD 12. This time our only choices are: monitoring on CD11 on the regular machine, or CD 13 on the shmancy one.


Our boy went to preschool for the first time today! And he now wears underwear! We call them “LM Undies” becuase calling them “big boy undies” created a giant existential crisis. I blog more about it later. He’s such a smart fucking cookie.


4 Responses to “boring boring boring”

  1. Co Says:

    Monitoring on CD13 vs. CD12 doesn’t seem like a prob. S. can do OPKs before CD13 just to make sure she doesn’t ovulate early, which you POAS mavens would probably do anyway.

    Hurrsay for LM undies!

  2. Calliope Says:

    ugh- I HATE clomid. Much xo to S as she surfs through it. I agree with Co- as long as you guys are OPK-ing as a plan B to the scan you should be fine. Very curious about the fancy scan!!

    & preschool?!? wow. HUGE. How are you doing with that?

  3. amanda Says:

    i definitely agree with Calli about the OPKs. Just keep up with what’s going on, and if you get a surge BEFORE day 13, i’d go in for the regular one. Good luck, and good luck getting through the Clomid ickies. 😦

  4. amanda Says:

    What did you decide? Have you had test a. or test b. yet? How did things look?

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