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arg June 27, 2007

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There is no way to know right now, right? The line is still faint today, maybe slightly slightly darker, but I have been squinting and peering at these things so much the last few days that I don’t trust myself. And yesterday’s pee was not as concentrated as today’s pee, so it could be a little darker bc of that.

I am tempted to have S take a drugstore HPT, but I don’t think that will help. Last time when the cheapie was super super faint, the drugstore HPT was clearly pinkly there. I’m really afraid that if we get one (or use the digital one we have here) it will show positive just based on the very small amount of HCG S still has in her system. That might be slightly unbearable. We should have used one a few days ago just to see what it showed before a new pregnancy would be detectable, but jesus christ i already dip a lot of sticks in pee, I thought that would tip me over into crazy POAS woman who has pee stick blinkies all over her FF page.

I shouldn’t go buy any more tests right? We are on 12 DPO. Oh the many many joys.


6 Responses to “arg”

  1. veeandjay Says:

    I vote for don’t buy any more sticks – I’m not convinced they’d tell you what you need to know anyhow, not with enough confidence, so they’ll probably just drive you crazy trying to second guess them. I think you’re going to have to wait it out. It’s going to be a LOOOOOONG few days. I’m going to feel a little bit excited for you though, if that’s allowed?

  2. I am confused… didn’t she have a blood test post D&C to check her HCG level? I would stop dealing with sticks until/unless she misses her period — sounds like this is making you a bit crazy! Good luck.

  3. Co Says:

    Sadly, I think there is no way to know right now, short of getting a quantitative beta and you’d have to pay out of pocket for that, right? (which sucks by the way)

    I wouldn’t go out and buy tests because, as you point out, you don’t have a baseline for comparison and even if you did, HPTs are most useful as “yes/no” tests. They don’t show degrees very well, I don’t think. I think all you can do now is wait. Which sucks also.

    I am sorry. It would be so great if S. were pg right now and had a charmed pregnancy and carried to term and you didn’t have to insem or go through any of this ever again. It’s possible that that’s the case, but I think all you can do now is do that thing we all hate doing… wait. Hugs to you and S.

  4. Bri Says:

    You are a crazy POAS woman minus the blinkies. Regardless. Do whatever might make you feel a little better. But I agree – digitals and regular HPTs are not as useful in figuring out whether something is darker or lighter. I think you have to stick with comparing the same thing. Just my two cents. I am thinking of you lots.

  5. TTC4years Says:

    We are going to have to synchronize her cycles with mine, becauee between you guys peeing on sticks and me peeing on sticks, somehow I feel very obsessive… I would tend to agree- yes no is good, but the degrees are iffy at best…but I know how it feels- you want to know NOW NOW NOW. So do we. I hang on your every post…

  6. Calliope Says:

    thinking of you

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