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more sticks, more waiting June 18, 2007

Filed under: ttc — charlotte @ 12:24 pm

If an ovulation actually happened, it happened on Friday, the day of the drive through. She had some EWCM, took Robit.ussin and Pr.eSe.ed. All went well. S actually went in to their house for a little bit (even though a RMs godmother was there) rendering it more of a no-table-service-event (you know an order at the bar restaurant) rather than a drive through.
She pees on more sticks every day, it remains confusing and ultimately we are waiting for her period. Today is CD 29. 3DPPO (3 days past possible ovulation).

I truly wish I had some other interesting things to blog about. I have not done a non TTC related post is forever. Ah, well. Thanks for hangin’ in here with me through all of this sad and tedious shit.

It is hard not to have any interesting dates to anticipate. S is still testing faintly positive on the HPTs, and we don’t know if she ovulated, so there is no clear test date coming up. We have no earthly idea when her period will arrive. Surprisingly, this not knowing is almost OK.

I am mildly depressed today, but the regular crying has stopped and the giant pity party has ended.


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