two uteri, two mamas pregnant, AGAIN, with baby number two

? June 4, 2007

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The chromosomal analysis came back inconclusive. Apparently the specimen was “contaminated” and therefor the analysis could not determine the cause of the miscarriage or any other information about the baby. Not quite sure what this means, but in any case at least we tried. At least I won’t ever be pissed at myself for not seeking the information.


We requested an ultrasound and everything looks “normal”. Well, Dr. Poor Social Skills, true to her name, said something about how it could be the uterus of a menopausal woman, or a woman on birth control, or someone early in their cycle. That made S nervous (um, don’t mention menopause to folks TTC) so she asked if her parts looked ok. Dr. PSS said “yes, everything looks perfect, just as i would expect it to. It is resting.” Ah, thank you. That is what we want to hear. Perfect. Expected. Resting. How cute, maybe it just needs a little nap before charging ahead.


Her cervix is closed, and it appears that no placental tissue was left behind. Dr. PSS is not concerned about the positive pregnancy tests and said she recommends a beta in 7 days if we really want one, and in 14 days (at her request) if the line on the HPT is not lighter. This is reasonable. If it were me I would insist on the test and Dr. PSS would surely write the order, but S hates needles, so there is no need to force the issue when no one is concerned about a molar pregnancy or other weird issues.


The bad news (well not bad) is that her lining is slim and there were absolutely no follicles ripening, so we may not be able to try now. Which means JULY. If I think about that too much I get depressed, so I’m banning the thoughts, and focusing on S having a healthy uterus. But I gotta say, the waiting is not any easier than it was a year ago.


I also think we might put some sperm in there in a week or two if she shows any signs of ovulating. Good lord. I just want a friggin baby.


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  1. Fonaholics Says:

    Know exactly how you feel, we had our day 11 scan after clomid and kim’s uterus and ovaries look to be “resting” as well.

  2. shelli Says:

    I may be the dissenting voice here, but you gotta have one, right? I’d say WAIT UNTIL JULY.

    Let her body recover. I KNOW HOW BADLY you want a baby. But it’s not worth risking S’s health over, you know?

    CHILL OUT, it WILL be OK, you WILL have another baby.

    I say this out of love, because I KNOW you know that if the shoe were on the other foot, you’d tell me the exact.same.thing. But you are “in the trenches,” so to speak, so your objectivity is gone.

    What’s another month, when you have a LIFETIME together and a lifetime of being mommies!

    It will all be good, S’s uterus is just showing a small lining, in order to tell you to wait till next month, when her lining will be all nice and plush.


  3. Co Says:

    That sucks about the specimen. I can’t help but wonder if, given the weird circumstances of you having to transport the specimen yourself and them not seeming to know which end was up, affected that. But you did all you could. It just sucks that you got no info.

    Why do doctors say idiotic things about being pre-menopausal to TTC women, especially when it’s not likey to be true? Lo’s GYN, Dr. F-head, sent her into hysterics when she told her her estradiol levels were those of a menopausal woman (and then next time she looked at the complete test results, said all looked fine).

    I’m sorry Mother Nature is making you both wait until July. Fingers crossed that July is your ticket.

  4. lagiulia Says:

    Sorry that the visit was not all-around informative. I wouldn’t dare advise you on whether to try this month or not. I just want to say that I hope she gets pg the next viable cycle and that my best thoughts are with you.

  5. Jude Says:

    I want to echo Shelli’s “wait” sentiment. Although, you know, I am not a patient person. I am not a waiter. I hate waiting. But if her body is “resting,” then maybe it needs the “rest.” I’d hate for you to get pregnant again and have some sort of lining or hormone issue, you know?

    Hang in there, honey. I am thinking of you guys.

  6. carey Says:

    My results from my D&C were the same as yours – actually it’s pretty common early on… they cannot tell the difference between the mother’s sample & the embryo’s (they use the word ‘contaminated’ to say that). They take a sample from the entire thing and just test that – they don’t test everything obtained from the D&C. While it annoyed me to not have an answer, I felt at least I did all I could and it allowed me to move on a bit emotionally.

    Hang in there… you guys are in our thoughts.

  7. Calliope Says:

    how fucking annoying to not have any ANSWERS!!!! ugh! I also wonder if the “contaminated” issue was over their complete negligence in post D&C stuff. how maddening.
    However- thank effing gawd it isn’t a molor. phew!
    I’ll let you guys trust your gut (heh) over when to try. I can only imagine how much you want to fast forward through all of this resting.
    much love to you both.

  8. nycphoenix Says:

    I would go crazy with that inconlusive stuff and I know you all must be generally climbing the walls. Love to you.

  9. Lo Says:

    I don’t see that there any health issues about trying again. Clomid, maybe, but that’s why they won’t give it you.

    Hugs to you both. And LM too.

  10. I guess Carey forgot that my m/c sample also didn’t yield results – they weren’t able to test it (I m/c’d at home before my scheduled d/c and took the specimen in to them – I put it in a cup with some saline solution from my contact lenses). I think more often than not you don’t get results – but I agree, at least you feel like you tried. No regrets!

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