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HELP! June 1, 2007

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I am probably freaking myself out with too much Dr. Google, but I’m starting to be concerned about S’s continued positive pregnancy tests. The internet cheapie test she took last week looks identical to the one she look last night. On both tests the test line is as dark as the control line (meaning it is not faint in at all). I am concerned that it is not dropping. I know that these tests are not quantitative, and that it can take 2-4 weeks for the hcg to get out of her system, but shouldn’t it be less by now? I think we’ll ask our doctor to do a blood test and repeat it 48 hours later to make sure it is decreasing. THIS BETTER NOT BE A MOLAR PREGNANCY NIGHTMARE. And what is the point of insemming now? Is there any reason to do it with hcg in her system? Does that preclude ovulation for sure? Arg. I can’t believe we are back to these decisions full of speculating and googling and guessing and wondering.


8 Responses to “HELP!”

  1. I have checked my charts, and on several occasions, I had BFPs for 3 weeks after a D&C. On both occasions, the test went negative finally, and my period then arrived on CD25, so it must have been annovulatory.

    I think if you’re worried, it’s worth getting it checked, but it doesn’t sound unusual.

    I wouldn’t waste sperm though, until you know you’re in a normal cycle.

  2. Have you found this site?

    It’s the best, IMO


  3. indigoscot Says:

    i would wait until all the hcg is out of her system and you’ve had a normal cycle before trying again.

    good luck!

  4. shelli Says:

    getting a beta will at least reassure you.

  5. Hope Says:

    I would say that you should have everything checked for peace of mind, but I wouldn’t worry about line color on a pregnancy test. There are too many variables involved. If she was a little more dehydrated one day than another, the hormones could be more concentrated and could cause line color differences — or sameness when they should be lighter. I like to line up tests, too, but really we should only think of them as a yes or no kind of deal. In all likelihood, everything is ok.

  6. coolerdoula Says:

    Two weeks and three days post miscarriage, and just had a negative pregnancy test this morning.

    I would second a couple of beta’s to make sure.

    From what I’ve read ovulation shouldn’t take place if hCG is above 0 or 5, but I’ve found a couple of instances online where doctors have told patients it doesn’t need to be zero…


  7. Lo Says:

    I should probably wait for Bri to comment but I won’t…as i recall it took her some time for the Hcg to leave her system. It does sound normal according to the anecdotal evidence I’ve read.

  8. carey Says:

    It took several weeks for my hcg to go down. On Jan 13 it was 39,646 (I was about 7 weeks pregnant). Feb 3 it was 34. Feb 26 it was zero. March 1st, I got my period. Exactly 6 weeks after my D&C.

    I know each person is different… but I thought it would be helpful to see one person’s progression. Also HPTs pick up at such a low level… we’ve had tests that were picking up levels of 8 or 9. So it’s normal for the tests to stay positive for a while.

    Like some of the others have said, I would also wait one cycle before trying again – give the body time to heal.

    You could always go for an u/s to make sure everything was removed during the D&C. Sometimes, a little bit can be missed, esp. since it’s so small to begin with. Doing the betas is a good idea too.

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