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the bleeding May 28, 2007

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S started bleeding on Thursday. Red Blood. Major cramping. Us freaking out. Our doctor was not worried, but told S to take it VERY easy. She did and the bleeding has stopped. A second line still shows up on a pregnancy test, pretty clearly. When will the HCG be out of her system? We are day 8 past D&C.


Tomorrow I will be with WTF, in an operating room, meeting her baby. How fucked up is that in terms of timing? But I have decided that I REFUSE to let my own baby sadness ruin this event. I have been through so much with WTF, and was there to help her deliver a dead baby last year. It is full circle for me to be there to hear a baby come out pink and screaming. And I want to be fully present for that. My baby woes will be put aside for Tuesday. I anticipated this being harder for me than it is but WTF is so entwined with our baby making, and we are generous with each other. I can’t wait to meet this baby that she has worked so hard to bring into the world.


7 Responses to “the bleeding”

  1. coolerdoula Says:

    I’ve been trying to find an answer on this too – anywhere from two and a half weeks to nine is the best answer I can find…

    Some Doctors take blood draws until the number falls below 5. Others seem not to check, unless there seems to be another problem – like an infection or a period that doesn’t show up.

    Does seem that ovulation will not take place until the levels get way down.

    So the body might enforce a longer wait than you’d like…

  2. Lo Says:

    You and WTF are indeed deeply generous people. All my love to you and S, and WTF.

  3. Megan Says:

    Kim just had minor spotting after the D&C, but then it got quite heavier. That went on for about 10 days post D&C. 21 days post D&C we went in to see the doctor and he did an ultrasound and she had a very thin lining and what looked like a pre-ovulatory follicle. Blood test showed HCG of 2 and her progestrone suggested she hadn’t ovulated at that stage. She ended up getting her period 37 (5w2d) days after the D&C. I hope yours is as swift.

  4. jenny Says:

    There is a huge range of how long it takes for hcg to get out of ones body. It seems to take anywhere from 1-10 weeks. I suppose it’s probably due to differences in metabolism and such. It sucks though when you are waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. I have heard that it generally goes away faster after a D&C because everything has been removed.

    Also – different labs do the hcg tests slightly differently, so some of them consider anything below a 5 to be “zero hcg”, some 2 and some 10. So you might ask about your lab if your doctor is monitoring your hcg levels, just for your own information.

  5. bri Says:

    I bled for about 10 days, but just spotting.

    After we found out it was a triploidy, I had to be checked until it went to zero. My HCG was 5.4 after three weeks, which meant more waiting for it to drop. Two weeks later it was less than 2 and it was declared really DONE. So it took five weeks for the HCG to go down, and six weeks (45 days) for my period to come. My temps suggest that MAYBE I ovulated in there somewhere but I really doubt that it was anywhere near normal or useful, just given how I felt.

    I hope WTF’s birth went well and that it was possible for you to separate – it’s such a huge milestone and such a huge experience to attend any birth that I am betting that the sadness could be pushed aside for a while. Let us know how it was.

    Thinking of you.

  6. Calliope Says:

    thinking of you right this very moment.

  7. dln Says:

    Thinking of you ALL.

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