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going in at noon May 21, 2007

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for the “procedure”. A D&C in Dr. Poor Social Skill’s office. S has been prescribed 800mg of Ibuprofin and 1mg of Xanax. She already took 2 hoo ha pills which dialate the cervix (at 8:30am this morning), and she’s aldready started bleeding a little. We are considering adding 1 vicodin (which a friend gave us), but our Doc says that might make S too loopy. What do you think?


13 Responses to “going in at noon”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you’re going through this. My thoughts are with your family.

  2. Sacha Says:

    I’d wait on the vicodin, esp. if it’s not S.’ prescription and the MD hasn’t okayed it. See if the ibuprofen will work for pain. If S. hasn’t taken vicodin before it could end up not working in the way you want it to. Everyone has different reactions to narcotics and this situation is stressful enough without layering a bad reaction to meds on top of it.

    Hang in there. M. and I have you in our thoughts daily.

  3. Deb Says:

    I came from unwellness to add my sympathy. Also, my 2 cents on Vicodin: that drug gives my partner very disturbing, strange dreams. Probably not what you want to invite today, if you can avoid it. Take care.

  4. bri Says:

    Is that the total of the drugs? Ibuprofen and Xanax sounds a lot like my Valium and Ibuprofen thing, which felt really loopy before but which didn’t feel like much of anything during the procedure. That said, it is definitely true that everyone reacts differently to drugs so it is totally possible that I just don’t get high enough on Valium.

    Ack. I just can’t believe you guys have to deal with this. Please give my best to S.

  5. Calliope Says:

    I have no idea about the drugs- I will yield to the experts.
    Me? I’d want to be out of it- but I am not a tough gal.
    I am thinking of you both and so fucking sad.

  6. Co Says:

    I don’t know anything about meds. But I will be thinking of you both around noon your time.

  7. nycphoenix Says:

    i guess its close to noon where you are right now. A I heard the same message two different ways this weekend…that we never walk alone in our path. In AA everytime we’re at a meeting we’re connected not only to that meeting but every other meeting going on around the world. When we live our life in unity and oneness with each other and with our Higher Power we are never alone and we are always valuable.

    All this to say that you and S and LM are not alone today.

  8. shelli Says:

    sending love and “sufficiently drugged” vibes to you.

  9. Bleu Says:

    I was put under for mine, they insisted, I am not sure why. I did not take any pain meds after and had zero cramping. I hope and wish the same for S and am so sorry your are going through this. It is emotionally where it hurts the most as you well know and for that I wish you much gentleness and healing and love.

  10. ohchicken Says:

    vicodin has always been a backup lifesaver for me when enduring pain. emotionally, it’s always taken me to a zen place when i’m in a panicky situation.

    i’d hold on to it for later today when the xanax wears off. i think it will help.

    have continued to send thoughts of comfort all weekend.

  11. I hope it goes as well as can be expected and you’re soon home comforting each other.


  12. I took, I think, 1000 mg of Vicodin along with a Valium before my D&C. If she’s not getting a shot, I might go for it.

    Good luck with everything. I am so sorry you two have to go through this.

  13. j Says:

    thinking of you both, now. xo

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