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the pox May 7, 2007

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As in Chicken. As in my son has them. The pox. All over his tiny weensy body. It is dreadful to look at. Poor boy. We were waiting and waiting deciding whether we should get the vaccine (dude, there are a million more vaccines now than when we were kids). Anyhoo, we just decided last week to go ahead and get the shot, but me missed our chance. Bummer for us.


I think it hurts me more than it hurts him. But we are a bit nervous about S, seeing as she’s 6 weeks pregnant. She should be fine, she did have chicken pox at age 15, but people do get them twice. People like J, at Cheese and Whine, for instance. Who, btw, I spent some quality time with last week. With her wife, S, and they are so funny and nice. They (like all y’all living in states that don’t allow 2nd parent adoption) should totally move here and we can all be mommy friends. Typically, “mommy friends” are the people you hang out with because you both have kids but you wouldn’t be friends with them otherwise. J and S, are people I would totally be friends with even with out babies, or arduous baby making in common. Seriously, they rock. So move here already. You know you want to. We have nice`whether ALL the time. And lesbians. Hot ones. And Ethiopian food.


Anyway, back to the pox. If a pregnant woman gets chicken pox during the 1st 20 weeks it can cause birth defects. Big time. Yeah. Like physical deformities. So I called our OB today to see if S needs to do anything like get a viral load blood test to see how immune she is.


6 Responses to “the pox”

  1. j Says:

    Seriously, you guys rock too. And it is sad to think of your little adorable guy miserable. Because he is way too cute to be miserable. And getting pox twice is really rare. For real. Being that you know me, whose had them twice is pretty much a stopper that S won’t have them again. Swear.

  2. Lo Says:

    It’s good for LM to have them now. (I know too many stories of kids who got the vaccine getting the pox as older children or adults, seems getting it is the best vaccine.)

    Hoping all is well with S. Was her first case pretty full blown? My anecdotal info. is that people who get it twice had a very mild case the first time.

  3. Bri Says:

    Poor LM. And Poor S! I had them at age 16 and was SO miserable. Much better to get them at LM’s age. I hope you are able to get a little peace of mind about the scary risk thing – let us know what the doctor says.

  4. Co Says:

    I had the chicken pox twice, too, but I was a baby the first time I had them and had a really mild case. I didn’t get them again until 5th grade. That case was full-blown and horrible.

    I don’t know J.’s story, but like Lo, the only cases I know of where people have gotten it twice are like mine… very young/mild case the first time. If S. had them at 15 and it wasn’t mild, I suspect she is quite immune now. But I’m not a physician.

    Poor LM. That’s so sad.

  5. Jude Says:

    Good luck all around with the pox action! I don’t know if I’ve ever had the pox personally (not in my memorable lifetime and my parents got divorced early in my littleness and of course don’t “remember”) but I got a blood draw and was immune, which is nice. I am thinking good, immune thoughts for S.

    Since J has had it twice, maybe she got it once for me!

  6. Calliope Says:

    I go the c pox at a c pox party. Some kid in my pre-school got them so all of the Mom’s decided that it would be a good idea for all of the kids to get sick at the same time. So they invited the sick kid to come to school and within the week we were all sick…ah the 70’s.

    You really should put S up in a 6 star hotel for a week. 😉 Just to be safe. bwha ha ha

    I hope S is immune and that the little guy bounced back soon.

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