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butch maternity clothes, etc April 30, 2007

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Technically she doesn’t need maternity clothes. Yet. But she’s pooching out a bit. For reals. And her pants are tight and uncomfortable. So we bought her some maternity clothes, rather than buying a size or two up, in the interest of saving money. Kinda. I think we also just wanted to buy some materinty clothes for her. S isn’t a butch, per se, but she never EVER wears skirts, dresses, floral, ruffles or pink. Or anything girly. Most maternity clothes fit into one of those categories. So. We had to get creative. Old N@vy had a few things that worked, and we turned some non maternity clothes into stuff that will work for her for the first two trimesters.


When she bends over and I see a bit of panel poking out from under her make shift kermit the frog maternity shirt (just a thin extra long t shirt bought after the “test”- putting a ball of clothes under to see if it would stretch the right ways), it just fills me with joy. She’s so adorable. I wondered if I would be jealous, but I’m totally not. I’m just all warm and proud that she’s growing our baby.



The scheduling continues. But in a good way. S did not like the first appointment I made (for exactly 6 weeks) because she was terrified to be devastated if we couldn’t find a heartbeat, even though it would only be because it was too early. And Dr. Poor Social Skills did not have an appointment the following week, so mow we must wait 2 MORE WEEKS for the scan…on the 14th. Balls.

I gotta tell you, I am really enjoying our new set of problems – rescheduling ultrasounds instead of IUIs.




I do resent S, currently, due to the irritating (especially to someone who gained 70 lbs while pregnant) fact that she is having cravings for ORGANIC SALAD. What kind of pregnant chick craves lettuce during the first trimester?? And KALE?? And wholesome barley soup?? And friggin assortments of multi-colored VEGETABLES?!? We brought a beautiful cheesecake to a friend’s house the other day and she didn’t have ONE bite. Nothing. Today, in a bold move, she ate a single chocolate chip off of the ginormous cupcake I ate for lunch. Freak.


12 Responses to “butch maternity clothes, etc”

  1. Vikki Says:

    In my circle of friends, we used to pine for maternity clothes for men. No such luck, of course.

  2. Kim Says:

    ::snicker:: “Oh C, I’ll just DIE if you don’t run out and get me a salad and some hummus!” Heh, heh, heh. That’s so freakin’ funny!

  3. Calliope Says:

    you had me a “Kermit maternity shirt”…
    Love all of the NEW stuff you are blogging about.

  4. temmerling Says:

    That was Kristin… I ate all the chocolate for her and she ate all my veggies. She only gained 25 lbs and ate so darned healthy. I don’t even what to tell you how much I gained…

  5. j Says:

    I CAN’T imagine that the only thing you ate for lunch was a ginormous cupcake:)

  6. whathef*ck Says:

    that’s funny. the part about the cupcake made me chuckle.

  7. bri Says:

    That is funny.

    I craved dairy and salad with avocado for the first trimester, so maybe there’s something to that thing about the body craving what it really needs. Still craving dairy all the time. But sweets have made a hardcore return. For a while, I had to have nightly milkshakes. We will see what Thursday’s weighing brings.

  8. Co Says:

    I know waiting 2 more weeks for the scan sucks. But, an 8-week scan will look much more interesting than a 6-week scan anyway. Our 8-week scan was pretty incredible–you could make out a head, and flippers that were the beginnings of arms and legs, and the heartbeat was where you’d expect the heart to be. Our 6-week scan was a yolk sac, a teeny tiny embryo that I couldn’t even make out, and a heartbeat that looked like it was on the bottom of the embryo. Not nearly as reassuring.

    And, yeah the cupcake thing is funny. I am like S. I guess. I too have been craving mostly healthy things. But when I crave cookies, I decide I’m really just craving sugar and reach for vegetables or fruit instead. My philosophy is… if I eat badly, Embryo-O won’t pay for it. I will. My little parasitic alien bunny will sucks up the few good nutrients I consumed and I will be stuck with the junk and will feel horrible. I see it as self-preservation of the host organism.

  9. nycphoenix Says:

    Yeah she is a freak. But in the nicest possible sense. 🙂

    Have you tried L*and’s E*nd? Their clothes tend to be simple, tailored and solid colors and they have a maternity line

  10. TCS Says:

    My babymommy is at 4.5 months and thank goddess someone suggested Old Navy — we just got a couple things from maternity, couple from the men’s dept., that should take her through the next couple of months.

    Like you said, after years of TTC and then a troublesome early pregnancy, it feels weird to be going to the dr. only once a month now, and I worry in between. But low maintenance is normal — and worrying is normal too. I think I’d better get used to it.

  11. […] butch maternity clothes, etc « dosmamasApr 30, 2007 … S isn’t a butch, per se, but she never EVER wears skirts, dresses, floral, ruffles or pink. Or anything girly. Most maternity clothes fit into one of … […]

  12. ria Says:

    Really good read!We tend to take advantage of being pregnant..I loved my maternity wears.I bought them online from morph maternity.They made me feel good about my pregnant self.

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