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happy to report the happiness (even though I got an asshole anonymous comment which I deleted) April 21, 2007

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Happy. Happy about S’s belly pouching out a bit. Happy about her mild nausea. Releived to be feeling how I expected to be feeling. The anonymous bad speller who commented on my last post didn’t even enrage me. Bitches like that are the reason I am afraid to be honest about being a complicated person, but really, eff her. It isn’t even worth taking about cause it was mean and not constructive. Stop reading my blog if you can’t hang bi-atch…go read some rosy blog full of blinkies and positive affirmations. Anyhoo, back to the happiness.

We are not doing a beta, because we are afraid we’ll just obsess over numbers, and it doesn’t seem worth it. I scheduled an ultrasound for 6 weeks (which is in 2 weeks) per Dr. Poor Social Skills’ instructions. YAY.

Some progesterone questions. S HATES the hoo-has, so our doc is switching her to oral tablets, 2 X per day. Any reason not to do this? Her CD21 progesterone was 48, which seems insanely high to me (see? give me a number and I will obsess). Is that normal? From the hoo-has? It better not bean indication of quadruplets.

It feels incredible to do all the things we were holding back on. Baby name books. Pregnancy books. Onesies. And I’m not knocking on wood when I say miscarriage. We just.aren’t.going.there. Thusly, we are telling people, and proceeding as if that is not an going to happen. God help us if it does, we’ll need all the support we can muster.

Happy. Finally.


7 Responses to “happy to report the happiness (even though I got an asshole anonymous comment which I deleted)”

  1. nycphoenix Says:

    the pills work just as fine as the hoo-ha bullets so make the switch

  2. Co Says:

    I don’t mind the hoo-ha bullets any more, but the first cycle I took them, I hated them. Really, really hated them.

    I’ve read that the tablets have a few more potential side effects which is why doctors prefer the bullets (but I believe that’s from an Internet source so it’s not gospel). But I’m with Sophia. Make the switch.

    And remember, S. did Clomid with no trigger shot. She is not having quads. I promise.

    Glad you’re feeling happy. 🙂

  3. indigoscot Says:

    my doc told me the progesterone is better aborbed as a *ahem* hoo-ha pill. taking them orally, most of the progesterone is processed by the liver(i think). orally can also cause weird side-effects. i took them until i was 12 weeks pg via the hoo-ha method. i’d just be 100% sure that the decrease S is likely to get by taking them orally won’t affect your bean.

  4. Bleu Says:

    taking them orally they are definately not absorbed as well and they are processed through the liver, they also have, usually, more side effects that way

    but because her cd21 was so great i would not be stressing about getting every mcg possible, ya know

    on a side note, many of the pills can be taken either vaginally or orally and the mess is much less with them than a ho-ha bullet, i take my prometrium vaginally and it can be taken either way and it is way less messy that the compounded bullets i also get at times

  5. bri Says:

    I took the pills for several two week waits because I couldn’t, um, tolerate the bullets – serious, serious irritation and pain and stuff. They raised my numbers similarly even when not pregnant, so don’t worry about that number. I think mine this time (and last) was higher than that from the booster’s assistance.

    My only side effect from the pills was a fatigue unlike anything ever before and the best night’s sleep this side of fibro drugs. I LOVED being on the pills. I wish I could take them forever.

  6. Melody Says:

    My gyno once told me that there is a progesterone patch that you can get that insurance will not usually cover if you aren’t pregnant but will often cover if you are. I’m asking for it the minute I’m sure we’re pregnant. Am I ever sick of hoo-ha bullets.

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