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CD 7 April 12, 2007

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Holy slow.


S was becoming increasingly anxiety ridden over The Lying Appointment, but after some practice with the story, some sympathy from me, and some help from her friend at work (who have her lots of FUCK western medicine, FUCK homophobic laws, FUCK them, FUCK it type of pep talks) she’s feeling better.


We have no sense of whether this cycle worked. But I tellya, I’m putting a hell of a lot of work into making next cycle happen with all manner of goodies. I believe that the following will be our protocol:

50 mg Clomid CD 3-7

ultrasound on CD12

estrogen patch to increase cervical fluid

trigger shot on CD 12 or 13 depending on follicle growth

IUI on CD 15ish

fresh insems on CD 13 and evening after IUI on CD 15


But I’m way too jaded and realistic to think that this will happen as planned. Shah.


Thank you to everyone for your support and helpful comments. It made S feel WAY better for you all to normalize the husband at the OB thing, to feel all of your support for our decision and to hear your shared outrage that we have to do this at all. I’m always grateful to you people.


4 Responses to “CD 7”

  1. Calliope Says:

    check you out with your fancy plan!
    it would be kick ass if you did all of that planning for nothing, but I have to say that your check list for next cycle looks pretty effing ideal.

  2. Co Says:

    The plan looks excellent. I hope the Friday appointment goes well.

    And to be honest, I hope S. is pregnant and you don’t have to do any of this.

  3. a. Says:

    Delurking. Coming from a straight married gal, I wish you the best. I like that co worker’s FUCK pep talk. Couldn’t agree more!

  4. Lo Says:

    Wow, an estrogen patch. I’ve never heard of an estrogen patch. You rock.

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