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temp down April 5, 2007

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S’s temp is down today, not up, indicating that O probably did not happen yesterday. This is the worst possible timing for the whole thing. If it happens today, or tonight, the sperm will have had to survive for 36 hours or more, certainly possible, but I still have concerns. Although sperm CAN live for 5 days, that is very unusual. The normal upper limit is more like 3 days. Arg. Who knows. LH surge is over. No line. Now we need to decide whether we can rely on her stupid temperature (which has been kooky this cycle). S says she feels exactly the same as she did yesterday, same big crampiness, same feeling of pressure. We think that means she really didn’t O yesterday. Now to decide whether she should drive up for a drive-by-drug-deal-insem tonight (I think our donor won’t be home until 10pm, so she’ll be home at midnight after 4 hours roundtrip driving). It will probably be too late by 10pm. It takes a while for the sperm to get to the egg. Bollucks. I SO wish we got the trigger shot, if we did the latest she would have Oed was this morning at 6 am.


Thank you for your midwife suggestions. I have already called many in the area, and we would still have to lie to them all because they are bound by the same shit doctors are. I’ve just accepted that. The problem is still that the midwives who do at home IUIs do it with frozen sperm. They do not have the means to wash sperm fresh sperm making it safe for an IUI. So the crunchy folks are not helpful either! I will look into the estrogen patch to reduce the dryness. I need to make 1000 calls today. This is an effing part time job.


6 Responses to “temp down”

  1. jenny Says:

    I don’t understand why these people won’t do the directed donor thing for you? The donor has to be tested within 7 days of donating but no quarantine. We should find the FDA regs for you. It’s such bullshit.

  2. lagiulia Says:

    How far did the temp dip? I am wondering if Clomid might make temp charting less dependable (just wondering, as I don’t know much about Clomid). I always had a little dip in my temp after ovulation… it would take a day or two to rise, even though I’d ovulated. This happens for some people. I know it’s not the norm for S, but Clomid might make her chart look different… maybe? I am sorry that this has to be so stressful. I’m thinking of you both and hoping the timing was good. Take care.

  3. My doc says a temp dip is normal right before O, so she may O anytime now. And the egg can live for up to 24 hours, so I wouldn’t throw in the towel just yet, I’d try to insem tonight!

  4. arcanematters Says:

    My docotrs told me that Clomid made temping obsolete. They were very firm about that. I don’t think you missed it…especially with those nice big eggs. If they grwo 1-3 mm a day, then you were very much in the right realm.

    And I think it is so normal to second guess everything once you have done an insem. We used to freak out after ours, certain it didn’t work, that we messed up the timing. But it will. My doctor LOVED clomid (it got me pregnant twie) and said that the stats are something like almost half of women who use it get pregnant with it.

    Oh, and my doctor insists that fresh sperm lives4 to 5 days. Not ALL of it, but enough. And al you need is one.

    GOOD luck. Fingers crossed……

  5. Lo Says:

    Our RE smirked (yes smirked) at Co and told her “You don’t do that anymore” when she presented her temp charts. So.

    And as you know, I think S may have O’ed, monitor be damned. Hang in there.

  6. Melody Says:

    When we did injectables and I O’d several eggs, I still had pressure for days afterward, even though the ovulation cramping was gone b/c you’re releasing more fluid than usual into your abdomen. Takes a while for it to dissipate. Plus, you’ve pissed off your ovaries by making them carry around more follicles than they’re used to. Mine were actually enlarged for at least 2 weeks after.

    I had more bloating, pressure, and general O crampiness when we were just doing Clomid, too.

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