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surge April 4, 2007

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Our doctor did not get the message yesterday, so we did not get the trigger shot. I am a bit disappointed because I hoped we could use it and guarantee a release of more than one egg. Ah well.


We insemmed this morning at 6am, with Pre-Seed, and she got an LH surge. So that timing is OK after all, but still no EWCM, or really any CM at all.

Her ovaries feel sore yesterday and today, and at 10 am they felt really crampy, so I’m hoping that means she’s ovulating now.

Dr. Poor Social Skills called us 1st thing this morning, appologized that she did not get the message last night, and she is more than willing to prescribe the shot next cycle. She said that for peace of mind we can come in tomorrow for an ultrasound to see if she ovulated. Should we? I don’t know yet how much these ultrasounds are costing us, but it seems worth it to know that she actually released her eggs. Or not? SHe did have a clear LH surge this morning, and the monitor read “PEAK”. I just hope to god she will ovulate today rather than tomorrow.

S is experiencing some funky ass symptoms. Weirdness such as no body odor, no sense of smell, no taste, and itchy skin.  She’s consitently running a whole degree higher than usual, and she had high blood pressure on monday at the ultrasound which never ever happens to her. Last night at mindight she had a racing heart, chest pain and felt just completely loopy. The Clomid seems to have leached the moisture from her whole body. But the sensory malfunction is just freaky. Literally last night she was eating a peanut butter cookie, and breathing her smelly peanut butter breath all over me, but to her it didn’t even taste like a cracker…just nothing. And she can’t smell ANYTHING. Pooed this morning and had to check to make sure that it actually happened, because she has absolutely no sense of smell whatsoever. Crazy. All of this seems to have coincided with her LH surge, and is lessening now as the day progresses. Is that freaky or what?


4 Responses to “surge”

  1. Co Says:

    Sorry the trigger didn’t happen, but it sounds like the timing was excellent.

    I don’t think the u/s is necessary. I think it would be a waste of money. If S. got a surge, a PEAK, and is having pain, then I think you have plenty of evidence that she is ovulating/has ovulated. I have never done an u/s post-insem. Ever. But obviously it’s up to you.

    If S. is having more pain that she usually does when she ovulates, that could mean she popped two eggs or so on that right ovary. Ovulation is more painful than usual when you pop more than one egg. I am crossing fingers that you got at least two.

    You might want to ask your doctor about S’s symptoms. I never heard of anyone having those particular symptoms on Clomid, and I think the Clomid has left S’s system by now. Maybe they are related to the illness S had? But I’m not a doctor, so I’d recommend asking.

    It sounds like your timing was excellent. Crossing fingers and paws for you guys.

  2. Calliope Says:

    a pain like that could mean more than one egg released. When I was cranking out more than 2 I was a different kind of sore. So if S is feeling different that could be it.
    As for the u/s…other than peace of mind, I don’t see how it could be worth it. & at least it is the bag of tricks for you to try with the 3rd kid. (see how I just made that leap for you?!) It actually sounds like the 6am insem was perfect.
    and by the way: “Pooed this morning and had to check to make sure that it actually happened” had me laughing. There is a lot of poo talk going on today.

  3. indymel Says:

    OMG. I had the no-fluid-in-my-body symptom on Clomid. Dry eyes, dry mouth. I felt like a desert.

    I’ve never heard of anybody else having those symptoms, though.

    It’s too bad you couldn’t get the shot, but it does sound like the insemination was really well-timed. Crossing my fingers for you.

  4. Daniella Says:

    Can you try Femara/Letrozole next cycle instead of Clomid? I just finished my first cycle on this drug and loved it. Three mature follies, great lining and NO side effects. My RE says that Femara will eventually replace Clomid. Good luck!

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