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arg April 3, 2007

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Thank you so much all of you, for your helpful comments.

Here is our current situation:

1. S has very little cervical fluid, due to the Clomid. Like scant. So I bought some Pre-Seed. I did some research and finally found a study that was not performed by the company that makes it, and it looks good, so we are going to use it unless you think we shouldn’t.


2. No LH surge yet. NOTHING. not even a faint line. The estrogen line on the monitor sticks is gone, and has been for two days (indicating her estrogen is high which happens right before the LH surge, typically). In this case though, I think that the Clomid has increased her estrogen. And the LH is nowhere to be found. Granted, we are only on CD13.


3. I put a call in to our doctor, asking if she will prescribe an HcG shot. It is her day off, and we are waiting to hear back from her office. If she does prescribe it, and we do it at like 6pm tonight, S will ovulate 36 hours later, right? So here’s the question:

Rocket Man leaves tomorrow morning at 6am, so we can do a 6am insem on Wednesday morning (cd14) and will not be able to do another one until Thursday night (cd15). If S does the trigger shot she won’t ovulate until 6 AM on Thursday morning. So she would have insemmed 24 hours prior to ovulation – which is usually fine, except that S has little cervical fluid, but we are using the pre-seed. Ummmmmmm. Sooooooooo. What the fuck do we do?

We could also wait and hope that S does not ovulate on Thursday, but on Friday, after we insem again on Thursday night. We really have no way of telling when S ovulates though…seeing as her cervical fluid is scant already and her temps are being WONKY, as they never have before (due to her head cold, or Clomid??).

To sum up the options are: 1. trigger (assuming our doctor calls us today and prescribes it) and ovulate 24 hours after inseminating, or 2. wait for her to get an LH surge and insem Wed morning and Thursday night regardless, and hope for the best.


I thought fresh insems were supposed to be easier! This Clomid thing has thrown us for a loop. And OMG thank you so much for your knowleageble advice and experiences. Holy crap, I don’t know what I’d do without you people.


10 Responses to “arg”

  1. Lo Says:

    Because you have fresh sperm and don’t have to worry so much about timing, I would guess that 24 hours would be fine. Then the little guys would be waiting for the egg(s) when they pop. In fact, giving the spermies the time to swim up before the egg appears is probably a good idea.

    We used Preseed the time we insemmed at home and have read good things about it.

    I think even option 2 is reasonable because fresh sperm can live for so long (up to 5 days, yes?) that even if she ovulates a little later, they might still be hanging around. But I hope you can get the shot.

    Oh, I hope this is the one….

  2. Katrina Says:

    If it was me … πŸ™‚ … absolutely do the Weds morning insem!! Previous person was right: fresh sperm lasts so much longer than frozen that there is no problem whatsoever with inseming 24 hours before O – in fact it is great because they take several hours to swim up the tubes anyway, and you want them hanging out there well in advance. πŸ˜‰ GOOD LUCK!!

  3. I agree with the previous posters – the timing isn’t so critical with fresh sperm as it is with frozen. As for the preseed, I have no idea – we only ever did IUI’s so we never really worried about CM.

  4. Co Says:

    Is there a link on this blog to S’s chart? I wanted to take a look at what you’re talking about.

    I will just tell you about my charting experience on the off chance this is helpful. My first Clomid cycle drove me nuts. A year’s worth of charting suddenly did not help me. My temperatures were unusually high at the beginning of my cycle, and I had very dry CM. So, my charts was confusing. Both my Clomid cycles, however, by O time, my temps had gravitated back to more normal ranges and I was actually able to predict ovulation using them. (My CM didn’t improve.) That is what happens for most women I think. So, a wonky chart might turn out to be OK, temp-wise. Feel free to look at my Clomid charts if you want to see. There’s a link on my site.

    Lo and I liked the Preseed.

    Let us know if you were able to get the trigger. My pharmacy has to order it for me (they can get it within 12 hours) and it’s $100 (not covered by insurance), so I hope you were able to get the scrip and the syringe quickly yesterday. Also, let us know if we can answer any questions for you guys about how to inject. Lo and I were pretty terrified the first time we did it, as were many other bloggers. But it really wasn’t bad at all.

    With a trigger, I think most women typically ovulate between 36-42 hours afterward. But it could be sooner. I’m convinced I once O’d closer to 24 hours after my trigger (my 1st Clomid cycle).

    Good luck, guys. It sounds like this cycle is becoming stressful. I’m sorry that’s the case. But I have a lot of hope for you two!

  5. Calliope Says:

    100 bucks for a trigger? Dang, Co-I only have ever paid $40 & you know I don’t have insurance.
    But I digress- I guess everything hinges on whether or not you got the trigger.
    However- someone brought up a good point yesterday- about your follies being on the same side & you know- they both could release. I’m no doctor- but it seems as if ovary X is where the party is at then all patrons get to play.
    um. what is with my brain this morning.
    so also- yes fresh sperm- VERY good thing. Timing is way easier.
    oki need coffee I feel like I am not making any sense.

  6. frog Says:

    Preseed is good. Green tea is also good for increasing CM, and I’m sure you’ve read about the Robitussin, yes?

  7. j Says:

    All good advice here though I will respectfully dissent with Frog about the Robitussin- it’s a de-congestant and actually dries you up. According to the unscientific J research team.

  8. betsy Says:

    Actually the Robitussin (Guaifenesin) is not a decongestant, it’s an expectorant. It makes it easier to clear congestion in a cold by coughing, because it somewhat thins the mucus and makes it more viscous. This is why it is so helpful with cervical mucus. It’s helpful to be well hydrated as well, but the guaifenesin will thin the mucus you have, making it more handy for insem, and some women notice an increase in mucus too.

    The confusion by J may be because most Robitussin formulations contain guaifenesin PLUS a decongestant, which will dry up mucus. always use a preparation that only has guaifenesin as an active ingredient.

    I have also heard that there are times when it is not advisable to use it, but i don’t remember off hand what they are.

  9. Bri Says:

    I insemmed 17 and 41 hours post trigger but that was frozen. I honestly don’t know what the best bet is with fresh – I definitely think you should go (have already gone?) for the 6am one. Earlier is always better with fresh, right? I am sorry – I feel so dumb when it comes to fresh timing.

  10. Bleu Says:

    The guafinisin is nasty, that is why I use Mucinex, they are pure guaf. but in tablet form, I take two a day, or have when I didn’t have the estrogen. As for cm, I get it right before ovulate, and that is all I have ever needed. The truth is you only need it coming out of the cervix, not out the vajayjay. So do a cervix check and see if it is or not, you may be surprised.
    I have also used preseed and it IS good stuff.
    As for timing, how about do it wed. with no trigger, and then see when she O’s and she may not get a surge til cd15 and then he will be back.
    I surge later with Clomid, she may surge later too but then all your bases are covered with wed.

    Just an idea.

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