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help me interpret our CD12 ultrasound? April 2, 2007

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Oh wise internet friends, you all are so smart. I need your help with some interpretation. Why are doctors, whose heads are jammed with information, so bad about sharing that info with their patients?

S has a 9mm lining, which I guess is good?

And 2 follies on the right ovary that measure 22, and 23mm. Dr. Poor Social skills said this was good, but I have no idea. She also said that because S’s follies and lining looked good we would not increase the dose of Clomid next cycle if this cycle does not work. I think we should insem tonight and tomorrow night despite no LH surge yet. I don’t know how the Clomid effects the LH, but those follie numbers sound plump to me. Right?

We really have no idea when she will surge, but out donor is going out of town Wednesday morning (cd14) thru Thursday night (cd15), so I think we should pack the junk up there while we can…yes? Tonight and tomorrow night (or Wed morning at 6 am).

Does 2 big follies mean that 2 eggs will be released? What does 2 big follies on CD12 mean? SHe had another similar sized follie on the left ovary (accorind to what I saw) but she didn;t mention it, or mention any of the other smaller ones. Are the biggest ones the only important ones at CD12?

If she surges in the next day or 2 we will be right on schedule…meaning Clomid did not make her ovulate later than usual. Is this normal?

Phew. I need to do some google research but I have no time.


9 Responses to “help me interpret our CD12 ultrasound?”

  1. That sounds pretty normal. Usually 2 follicles will be released if you do the trigger shot. Which I would recommend, given that the follicles sound plenty big enough. (I had one cycle where the follicles got to 37mm, which was no fun, and not successful.) The size sounds good.

    Personally, I never ovulated on my own with Clomid, despite having pathologically regular cycles. So I’d do the shot.

    As for the lining — it is good, but some might say it is on the thin side (I’ve heard 8mm and below isn’t good). Upping the Clomid might exacerbate that — Clomid has a nasty habit of thinning your lining. One drug that doesn’t seem to do that is Femara, but not all doctors will prescribe it.

  2. Calliope Says:

    Is there ANY way that you can get a trigger shot rx’d??? Without it S may only release just 1 egg. Plus- with the trigger you can SO control when to insem.
    Those #’s sound great & is a super response to the does S was on.
    as for the lining- I think 9 is fine. I have heard that clomid thins it out – so I wouldn’t stress about that #.
    If you can get a trigger shot tomorrow you will be golden with timing before RM leaves.
    this is exciting!!!!

  3. Bleu Says:

    I ovulate a day later with Clomid, but I ovulate faster after my surge than I used to, like within hours of a peak.

  4. Co Says:

    Those are some nice plump mature follies. Way to go, S! 20-24 mm is prime ovulating follie time.

    The smaller ones don’t matter since she’s got some nice mature ones.

    Without a trigger, she may well only pop one, as Cali said. It sounds like the right ovary is the dominant one this cycle, though. So, I think if she has 2 similarly sized follies on the dominant ovary, she *might* pop both. But I’m not sure.

    9 mm for the lining sounds fine to me. Mine is never that thick, actually. I forget… is S. taking progesterone this TWW? If so, that’ll plump up the lining even more. If not, natural progesterone which will be released after ovulation will also help plump it up.

    This sounds like a GREAT cycle for you guys. Wishing you all the best.

  5. Lo Says:

    Co said all the smart science-y stuff. I just want to commiserate about how doctors don’t tell you everything. GOd willing if we get to the OB/midwife stage, I am looking for someone who will tell us every-frickin’-thing. I am tired of being kept in the dark.

  6. Melody Says:

    I’m just echoing what everyone else said, but I’d ask for the trigger. It’s good insurance. Since you’re using fresh, I’d inseminate as soon as possible after the trigger.

    Those are perfectly-sized follies, and the lining sounds just right. My doc doesn’t worry about lining unless it’s 7 mm or less.

  7. Those are some good specs. I would get a trigger ASAP for the timing factor. On my first clomid cycle I had 3 mature follicles, 2 on one side and 1 on the other and through multiple ultrasounds we could tell that I released all 3 eggs with my natural LH surge.

    As far as the dose of clomid for the next cycle (if there is a next cycle), my doc wouldn’t keep me on the same dosage with 2 mature follicles. I don’t know what dose S is on, but on my first clomid cycle (50 mg) I produced 3 matures, and my response on the next cycle was only 2 (still on 50), so we upped the third to (75 mg). My next and last clomid-only cycle is going to be at least 100 mg, I won’t go with anything less. From what I hear people can stop responding to clomid, so I don’t think it is worth risking that, but slightly (don’t want to hyperstimulate) increasing the dosage each time is a smart move, IMO.

  8. I agree with the others and would try to get the trigger shot. I hate OPK’s and hate figuring out if the line is darker than the control line or not. The trigger will help you time it more accurately.

    As for size, the follies sound perfect. There is also a chance that w/o the trigger her body will only release 1 egg and not both. Also the 9mm lining also sounds perfect! (Clomid can cause some women to have lining problems so 9mm on Clomid is really good)

    As for next cycle (hopefully there is not one), I think the reason your RE said that she would keep you on the same clomid dose is that you produced 2 mature follies (smaller ones are unlikely to contribute and thus don’t usually count). 2 follies is probably your RE’s goal for you – she doesn’t want you to have a litter. I’m not sure what your thoughts on selective reduction are but there’s no good reason to push you to make 4-6 eggs and take the chance of getting pg with that many if you are against SR.

    As for when to inseminate – I would do it tonight and tomorrow morning (before he goes out of town) – those live swimmers live longer than the frozen ones (up to 5 days versus 12-24 hours). I would then inseminate again when he gets back if you are surging then (assuming you don’t trigger). BTW – if you do trigger, then you should ovulate around 36 hours after trigger.

    Hope that helps!

  9. If you want to see a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for 4/5. Detailed info, but I just have to go to that damn msn to find the missed pieces. Thanks, anyway!

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