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ultrasound scheduled – revised March 30, 2007

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We are happy to be done with the Clomid, and very happy that S did not have a super bad reaction to it.

S’s ultrasound is scheduled for Monday, which is CD12. This is just to monitor her follicle development. We got an appt with our OB, Dr. Poor Social skills, who I kinda trust. I wanted to get an order to go to the Radiology department at our local hospital, becuase those techs do these scans all day, but S thinks it is better if Dr. Poor Social Skills does it b/c she will be one person familiar with S’s lining, ovaries and eggs. What do you think?


Also, does anyone hate me for my stupid post the other day? I am very paranoid and feel like crap about it. When I read it I was thinking of my best friend who loves kids but has decided not to have any. For her it felt nice to be acknowledged. I hesitated about posting it, because it might be offensive to those of you who it does not apply to at all, but did it anyway because it was so helpful for my friend. But for 99% of you all reading it was just lame and stupid and your worst nightmare – getting acknowledgment for your worst fear of what might happen to you. And at the time I did not know it was written by a “child-free living” person. I didn’t even know that was a thing, and I must have been smoking crack. So again, I apologize. A LOT. But I am (pathetically) needing to know that you do not hate me. I hope this was not an unforgivable misstep. Sweet lord I hope not.


I feel like I am stuck in that place where you make a mistake and then you keep talking about it! You know? Everyone may have forgotten already but you keep bringing it up because you feel bad? So you keep saying how bad you feel and eventually they are going to actually BE irritated at both your incessant driveling and the original mistake. Then the other person is forced to reassure YOU instead of you just apologizing and everyone being done with it. Yup. I’m there. Gross.


7 Responses to “ultrasound scheduled – revised”

  1. e. Says:

    i don’t really know. i see the same ultrasound tech every time, so she is familiar with my lining, etc, and she sends the reports to my MW. I didn’t know anyone other than u/s techs could even do it?

    i don’t hate you, far from it, but i didn’t really like that poem.

  2. Mama2BandT Says:

    We all still love and adore you! 🙂 Good luck!

  3. e. Says:

    STOP beating your self up! You posted it, you realized it was not cool, you removed it, you’ve publicly acknowledged that it may have been insensitive. What more can we ask, but for people to realize learn from mistakes?

    While I didn’t like it, I knew you posted it with the best of intentions. I do appreciate you taking it down.

    p.s. my first comment was before you edited your post, and I really just felt I needed to comment again. 🙂

  4. Co Says:

    Hi, Charlotte.

    I don’t hate you. You don’t hate me even though I have been known to act like a crazy person on occasion.

    This stuff is so hard, and we try to support each other the best we can. And sometimes maybe we say the wrong thing without meaning to or we say what we feel but it comes out crazy or we post something that speaks to us for a moment without realizing how what was beautiful to us might look through someone else’s eyes. It’s ALL OKAY! We’re all going through so much. None of us is perfect. So, sadly, sometimes all we can do is say, “I take it back. I’m sorry.”

    I doubt anyone hates you, least of all me. Cut yourself some slack.

    And I can’t wait to hear how the u/s goes.

    How is S. feeling? Is she bloated? I got kind of bloated on Clomid. I hope this is IT for you guys.

  5. lagiulia Says:

    I didn’t have a chance to read the post. I can’t think of anyone who comments here who would find something you say unforgivable, especially considering that you apologized.

    Good luck Monday!

  6. Lo Says:

    I don’t hate you (though I don’t think I’m who you’re worried about).

    My input on the same doctor thing: when Co got ultrasounds read by diff. dr’s during the same cycle (which sometimes happened at the clinic) she would get slightly different measurements of the follies, b/c there is some human error involved. This sometimes resulted in mildly hysterical crying sessions with wails of “I’m defective! The follies shrunk!” or thinking they didn’t grow.

    So, that would be the argument for sticking with the same dr; more consistent follie measurement. But perhaps S. isn’t as high-strung as my Co. 🙂

  7. e. Says:

    just so you know……
    as stated above i always have the same tech. on one occasion i had an incredible shrinking follie- and she measured it both times, so size difference can happen even with the same person. But I do like that i have the same person because she can see the progression of my lining each day.

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