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done with clomid March 29, 2007

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now i feel like an ass for my last post. it is really not uplifting for the infertiles. it just made me cry. anyway, just forget the whole post.


we are done with clomid. S is happy to have taken the last pill. she’s all kinds of leaky and feeling like she’s going to ovulate like right now, but it just must be the extra estrogen. WTF just told be that Rocket Man has a business trip on CD14 and CD15. Crap. But I think it will work out because we can still get the sperms on CD14 morning, and late CD15 night, if need be  (because RM will plan his travel to accomodate this. he rocks.)


good lord. this better work.


3 Responses to “done with clomid”

  1. ohchicken Says:

    i’ve commented as bananie before, but finally started my own little blog. join me?

  2. nycphoenix Says:

    its prolonged clomid cycles that affect mucus and uterine lining. one or two shouldn’t affect anything negatively.

  3. Co Says:

    Does S usually O around CD14 or 15? It could well be different on Clomid than it is with a natural cycle for S, so don’t worry too much about the timing just yet.

    I so hope this is IT for you guys.

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