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day 3 with clomid March 27, 2007

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S has been having some grumpiness, hot flushes and nausea, but is excited that something is happening that might actually lead to pregnancy! I wonder many things about Clomid. As far as we know, S has been ovulating regularly, and some studies say that Clomid should only be prescribed to folks with ovulatory dysfunction. I am also concerned about it reducing cervical fluid. Have any of you been successful with Clomid? What dosage, how long did you try it, and what CD did you do it on (3-7 or 5-9). If anyone has any interesting articles or info from their RE about Clomid, let me know.


In other news, we had dinner with UD the other night. It was…not terrible. According to UD, H could not make it because she was “busy”. I am (successfully for the moment) not stressing about them. The situation is crappy and our relationships are iffy right now, but I need to be done with the rage and constant internal dialog. I have spent hours and hours and hours talking to them in my head, and it needs to stop.


In the classic style of their family, shit isn’t talked about, and I wasn’t about to stir shit up. Whatever. They are not going to change their minds.


We hope that Clomid is our answer, but we are preparing for an IUI next cycle. Looks like we will need to flat out lie. I tried out the polyamorous thing, and it isn’t flying. S needs to call some obgyns herself and lie about her boyfriend.


I was feeling more hopeful earlier, but familyo’s recent news has me down. That cycle seemed so promising. Co has had all testing and drugs known to woman, and it still is not working. The truth is, it is not working for many of us. At least some of you have the means to do IVF, we really don’t and won’t ever. But even that doesn’t necessarily work. Depressing shit, this is. So please share your Clomid success stories. I could use some cheer.

********Forget what I said! It looks like familyo is knocked up!!! Holy crap, and YAY!!!!!*******


17 Responses to “day 3 with clomid”

  1. arcanematters Says:

    I used clomid (and frozen donor sperm) and got pregnant with it twice, once with twins! I did it on CD 3-7. I had no ovulation problems…my RE prescribed it just to up my chances, and it worked. I didn’t notice a major difference in CM, but some people do. I don’t think that less CM is a dealbreaker, though. Also, I hear lots of stories of women who use robitussin to add CM (if you do this research it carefully….some of the robitussins will hurt your chances…you need to select the proper version of it).

    That said, it sucks that you have to jump thru all of these hoops. My GF and I origianly wanted to go with a KD but changed our minds when we started hitting the brick walls that you hit. Oh, and our KD was gay, which means it is illegal to use his sperm. I drew the line after we found out that he would have to sit for a psychological interview and lie to say he isn’t gay. It just became too too much.

    I’m excited for you two…Clomid very well could be the magic bullet!! Good luck!!

  2. K77 Says:

    My Clomid experiences aren’t great in that none resulted in a baby (bear in mind that nobody knew the extent of my IF issues back then).

    I did 50mg CD5-9 over 6 cycles, no trigger, unmonitored, fresh IVI. My major s/e were hot flushes, awful headaches, ovary & what-I-now-know-to-be-endo pain. I had a gazillion follies (sneaked a scan) BUT they were useless as my lining was down to practically nothing and I had no EWCM to speak of.

    For me it did more harm than good BUT it does seem to work for many people.

  3. Amy Says:

    I got pregnant two out of three cycles with Clomid (the first was ectopic), and the second successful cycle stuck- I’m almost 12wks pg.

    I was on 100mg, and also had normal, ovulatory cycles. Clomid just enhanced them and produced nice big, fat follicles. It did make me a crazy person for a few days and I had horrendous hot flashes for weeks, but it was well worth it. I took it days 5-9 on the first successful cycle and 6-10 on the second. I did have a trigger shot and was monitored every two or three days.

    It’s nasty shit, but it works. 🙂 Generally, three cycles is all they will prescribe because after three, your lining can start thinning out.

    I hope there is good news in a few weeks!

  4. lagiulia Says:

    I don’t have a clomid story for you from personal experience. I know 3 people who got pregnant with Clomid + IUI, and I know 1 person who got pregnant with injectibles + IUI. I got pregnant after my second surgery within 15 months for my endometriosis. At that point, I didn’t expect to get pregnant at all without drugs and was very surprised, as was my r.e. My next step was supposed to be Clomid. Sometimes I wish I had just had that second surgery earlier, like I wish I’d known that was my golden ticket. I didn’t though. And that’s the problem with all this. It’s an absurdly hit-and-miss process. Even after all the tests, there is still no one who can predict with certainty what that golden ticket will be. The waiting and monthly let downs seem to us to be progressive indicators that there will never be a baby. It’s a mindf*ck though, because it’s not true. Even after months of nothing, there could STILL VERY WELL be something.

    Others’ stories can make you feel elated or hopeless depending on their outcomes. Just know that your and S’s story is unique and no one else can be a predictor for what will happen with you. I still have a lot of hope for you and S. Even when you are feeling like there is no hope just know that there are many of us who still believe for you. And also know that there are many of us who stopped believing for ourselves, who now have babies. Lots of love to you and and S.

    And thanks for your comment to me re:nursing. You really made me feel better, and I’m truly grateful.

  5. j Says:

    you know I don’t have a clomid success story, but I urge you to reload Co’s blog:)

  6. Calliope Says:

    I had great follicles on clomid & no cm issues. Granted I didn’t get knocked up – bit I know LOTS of women who did.

    I SO hope this is the ticket for you gals.

  7. Bri Says:

    HERE I AM! Ms. Clomid Success Story, herself.

    50 mg. CD 5-9. Ultrasound monitoring. Trigger shot when follicles were between 18-20. 3 follicles once, 2 follicles once. IUI’s at 17 and 41 hours post trigger. Booster shot of HCG at 7 DPO. Two babies. One seemingly still alive and almost halfway done cooking.

    (He is naturally making me feel jinxy and nervous as I write that because he is not moving around this morning and I have a dr’s appt and that makes me sure I have a disaster ahead, but that’s most likely the ptsd talking).

    I also ovulated beautifully on my own. No issues there. Mine was a luteal phase issue and progesterone alone didn’t cure it. Clomid is a fricking mysterious drug and I swear to you that there are probably 3 people on earth (if that) who understand how it works and why it works for some people for no reason at all. Maybe it just ups your chances with a second or third egg. Maybe it does some wacky chemical thing that makes your egg happy. Who the hell knows. It’s a scary, powerful thing. It made me almost kick in Wes’ face.

    And it made The Penguin. And it made TK.

    What LaGiulia said is true. Everyone’s path is different and takes too fucking long.

    Thinking of you. Lots of love.

  8. Co Says:

    Don’t go by what happens to me or anyone else. What is frustrating for many of us is that we just don’t know why we haven’t been getting pg for so many cycles (although I got a positive HPT today–go figure). All my fertility tests came back normal. It’s a friggin’ mystery.

    I think that I may well not have any real fertility issues, or I might. If I do, I think my issue is that while I do ovulate naturally, I tend to ovulate late (CD16-20 + 3 delayed ovulation cycles around CD23-24) which might mean I don’t ovulate “with gusto” or I pop less-than-quality eggs some cycles when I don’t have interventions. But that’s all conjecture honestly.

    Clomid can help with luteal phase defect, as someone already pointed out (and S has a short luteal phase, right?), and it can just prompt S’s ovaries to pop a larger, better egg. If you do the trigger shot, it could prompt S to release 2-3 better eggs and the more eggs you have, the better your chances.

    I am not a Clomid success story (100 mg CD3-7 for two cycles) and my cervical mucus dried up like you wouldn’t believe. But I’ve heard that only happens for 20% of women, so it might not be an issue for S at all. I like Preseed though. Good stuff.

    So, I hope this is what will make it happen for your family. And I am sorry S is having yucky symptoms. My only symptom was a splitting headache and the second I stopped taking Clomid it went away. I hope S’s symptoms go away that quickly too.

  9. conchita Says:

    My clomid success story is just over 2 1/2 years old. I TTC 9 months with good timing, normal (but perhaps “weak” ovulation, it always took a couple days of temps rising to really confirm I’d ovulated, normal luteal phase, etc.) First try w/ clomid (50mg) cd3-7, trigger shot on day 12, IUI day 13, home insem evening of day 13, and IUI on day 14. It was a lot of sperm, and probably unnecessary to use up so much (we worked with frozen & now are freaking out as we run low), but it worked and turned me into clomid’s biggest fan. We were aggressive because that was seriously our last shot for a long time. We’d been hurting financially from all the cycles (they were easily costing us $1k/month, as we were always monitored & doing 2 IUI’s per cycle), not to mention our relationship was feeling some serious stress from all my failures- I was falling apart from the failing- it was not pretty. I did not have any bad side effects- 1 or 2 hot flashes and maybe I was a tad bitchier than usual towards the end of the cycle.


  10. Amy Says:

    my mom used clomid to get pregnant with me. she doesn’t remember the details, it was alsmost 34 years ago ; )-

  11. e. Says:

    i am and am not a clomid success.

    i am because i made two huge eggs.

    i am not because i did not get preg.

    but, i do have some preseed that we won’t be using, so if you think you’d want it, i am happy to mail it to you. would rather see someone get use out of it, than have them sit under my bathroom sink forever. just email you address and i will send it to you.

  12. Bleu Says:

    My doc who is an RE prescribed it for me. I ovulate like clockwork. She said she would never do only 50mg as she felt it was a waste of time and had worse side effects than higher doses. I got pregnant the second month on it. I did m/c but we believe that was from some IgN issues. I took it days 3-7 and then on days 8-12 I am given estrogen 1mg 2x/day to help with the lining build up. As for cm what I have found is it does lessen it, but the second I see it I know I will be testing OPK+ within hours. The other thing I have noticed is it shortens my already short time from positive opk to my O, at least my cervix opens faster and then shuts and turns back around to the back much faster. I also had luteal phase defect and low progesterone issues. The doc felt it would help both those things, and help stimulate my follicles to grow larger which she feels is an issue with me at my age. UGH I am only 39 but whatever works.

    Good Luck

  13. Mo Says:

    I got pg twice using 50 mg of clomid. I was a regular ovulator, but kind of on the late side, and clomid helped me ovulate earlier, which I hear makes better eggs or something. I can’t remember about the cervical fluid, but I used iui’s, so it didn’t matter as much. I used the clomid on days 3-7. I think I tried 7 unmedicated cycles, and 4 with 50 mg of clomid. I’m glad that S is feeling a little different and I hope this is the little edge she needs to get pregnant!

  14. debbie Says:

    i am on 2 nd clomid and two days late all this week a have cramp and wind and my nibbles are black not getting sick but feel sick for a minet and then gone what does this mean did any one have the same and got pregenth

  15. Em Says:

    Just wondering why all of you were prescribed clomid when you have no problems ovulating. I haven’t ovulated for over a year and finally got the clomid prescription after trying for a year. That is not a safe idea to be prescribed something to increase your chances – my doctor said that clomid for those who don’t need it, can actually decrease your chances. Very concerning…

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