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we need help March 23, 2007

Filed under: ttc — charlotte @ 4:34 pm

S is being monitored (she had an ovary check a month ago, and we have an order for an ultrasound that we can get done at our local hospital), but we can’t get our STUPID idiotic infertility clinic to give us Clomid this cycle. I am in a hurry to get LM to preschool, so I can’t even give the details right now (which are so boring anyway…I HATE doctors). But we need some by Monday (is this possible??), and we are in California. Anyone? Email me I will of course reimburse for everything. I was just brought to me knees yesterday by this ridiculous process. I will post more later today.


3 Responses to “we need help”

  1. very, very vague possibility i may have a 5-day supply of 50 mg. if i have it, and you want it, it’s yours. i will check when i get home this evening. i’m in san francisco.

  2. Calliope Says:

    wait- your clinic won’t give you an rx for clomid?? That effing blows.
    The internet is an amazing place & I hope you get a hook up STAT.
    Is there anyone on rainbow that is in your area??

  3. conchita Says:

    I have a pile o’ clomid, ordered up under similar circumstances to yours (my partner told me to go ahead and get ready to tandem TTC and then backpeddled…) but yes, we have extra. ‘Course, it came from Mexico, I don’t know how you feel about that…! We’re in the East Bay, near SF.

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