two uteri, two mamas pregnant, AGAIN, with baby number two

11 dpo March 20, 2007

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nothing again, plus S got her “my period is coming” feeling. this feeling is always right.

now we wait for her to bleed. in case you were wondering, my hopeful S no longer doubts this feeling. it is undeniable, clear, and accurate. this is the worst part of the whole wait…when we know it didn’t work but we can’t let go entirely until she gets her period, which might be two days out. what the fuck are we supposed to do?

good times.


5 Responses to “11 dpo”

  1. lagiulia Says:

    I’m really sorry. Seeing a white space where a line should be is always a smack in the face, no matter how anticipated it may be.

  2. bri Says:

    Oh, hon. I am so, so sorry. Fucking sorry as hell. Really. This sucks a lot. A lot.

  3. Calliope Says:

    thinking of you both.

  4. e. Says:

    you are so right that the days between knowing and seeing blood are the worst. even when i *know* i make myself hope/believe i’m preg. i even do it sometimes after the blood— ya know ’cause “some women bleed.” ttc really fucks with your head.

    i am sorry. also wanted to thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog the other day.

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