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9dpo March 19, 2007

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Today S finally spoke to her brother and we will get together in a week or so with H and LM for a “family” dinner. Gross. He never called the therapist, so I guess that is on hold until he does. We are trying to let go of our anger and general pissiness towards them…so that we can do some repair work. I figure that I have the rest of my life to feel spiteful towards them for their terrioble behavior, but for now maybe we can try to get along and have some positivity, some relationship present so that when we talk about real stuff we can all survive it.

S will probably start peeing in a cup tomorrow and leaving it for me to test or not. I gotta tell you that if I see any pink line on a pregnancy test ever again I might shit my pants.


2 Responses to “9dpo”

  1. Calliope Says:

    family dinner, eh? wow. I wish you could have a mediator or something with you to keep the peace. I just HATE all of the family bullshit that UD & H stirred up. I’m so curious about what happened…what was the shift for them? weirdness. I am very impressed by your restraint in not kicking his ass already.
    & holy fuck- how did it get to be 9dpo already????? will be thinking of you guys & 2 pink lines & stuff.

  2. Co Says:

    I hope the dinner goes well and you 4 are able to repair things at least to some degree. It sucks that UD never even called the therapist.

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