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spermed up? check. March 9, 2007

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We feel pretty darn good about the timing this cycle. We got sperm on Tuesday night (yes she did the insem in the car) after the drug deal hand off of the goods (in one WTF’s very distinctive juice glasses which was extra weird), Wednesday night (WTF’s dad was gone so that one was smooth and easy), and last night (hand off was in the upstairs kids bathroom while Grandpa snoozed in the living room).

I don’t know what to say about the hope thing. I am hopeful. I’m also used to it not working. I know, by now, that this is the better part of the TWW for me.

S should be ovulating today. And she’s loaded up. So that is good.


6 Responses to “spermed up? check.”

  1. Co Says:

    Fingers crossed.

  2. Calliope Says:

    wow- that is awesome timing!
    I love all of the covert sperm fetching.

  3. lagiulia Says:

    here’s hoping!

  4. temmerling Says:

    I’ve got my fingers and ovaries crossed for you two.

  5. Kim Says:

    I’m crossing everything that can possibly be crossed for you guys! We’re in the TWW together again. 🙂

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