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sperm stop March 7, 2007

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S went to WTF’s last night for a quicky. A drive by, actually. She drove, she made a phone call and had the goods brought out to her. WTF’s dad is there, you see, so covert action was necessary.

It was a combo drug deal/fast food stop. Our good friend said it reminded her of a drive though at Mcdon@lds, but S sadi no, it was more like A & W (or Sprockets), where the food is delivered to you at your car. Although, Rocket Man was not wearing roller skates, and the juice glass with his stuff was not on a tray.


7 Responses to “sperm stop”

  1. alazyknitter Says:

    Did you insem on the drive back? We did that a few times, in fact on the cycle we conceived Ms. Baby, H did both insems in the passenger seat while I drove. Never a dull moment!

  2. sophia Says:

    could’ve been worse…how about a trade off and insem in a restaurant?

  3. K77 Says:

    I was always worried someone would suspect I was dealing drugs when I’d wait outside Donor’s city building and we’d switch brown paper bags. DS was conceived in the back of our old, very small car, in a multi-story car park in the middle of the city one lunchtime.

  4. we’re in the tww together!

  5. j Says:


    Thank you for a great visual:)

  6. Calliope Says:

    crossing fingers!!!

  7. Bri Says:

    So, so hoping this is it.

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