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HIGH today March 6, 2007

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I wish.

Well, not really. I was an awful drunk. Actually I have been sober for um…15 years. Yes, last month was 15 years. My god.

Anyway, what I mean is S got a HIGH on the fertility monitor. By the looks of the lines, I think we’ll get a PEAK (an LH surge) tomorrow, and 1st insem is planned for tomorrow night. Is that OK timing? Should S drive 4 hours round trip after work to get some tonight? I don’t want to miss this one, but I don’t want her to get stressed out with days and days of driving.

I also need to share that LM is currently obsessed with mermaids. Holy CUTE. WAY better than Thom@s the Motherfucking Train. I tell you what. He also talks a lot about ballerinas lately, and how they dance on their toes. Oh and ghosts, but I’ll save that for another post.

Every night he wants me to put both his legs into one pant leg of his jammies, so he can pretend to be a mermaid.


7 Responses to “HIGH today”

  1. Maranda Says:

    Are you testing twice a day so you have a closer window of when the lh surge started? Since in theory you don’t ovulate until 24-36 hrs later (I know you know just stating out loud) it should seem like as long as you inseminate that same day it should be okay…

  2. Calliope Says:

    I think you will be fine if you wait for the peak reading to insem. Stress would suck.

    AND HU fucking RAY for 15years!!! You are incredible and amazing and wonderful and this is such a fantastic milestone. wooo hooooooooo!!

    as for the mermaid love- damn your kid is cute.

  3. Lo Says:

    Oh, how cute LM is. My sister and I had these awesome mermaid bath toys when we were little. I wonder if those are still around….

  4. Mermaidgrrrl Says:

    You will be shocked to find that I also am obsessed with mermaids 🙂 Not only do I have framed prints and etchings of them around the house and a variety of stuffed ones and statue ones… I even have one tattooed between my breasts! Do you know anyone who can sew a little bit? Cause it’s not hard to make a mermaid tail for the little one to wear for dress-ups.

  5. K77 Says:

    Oh how I laughed about the pyjama pants mermaid thing!

  6. Estelle Says:

    That’s too cute. Charlie is currently deep into train love as well. Where does that come from? We never made a big deal over trains. He just happened to have one little train toy, and one day that part of boyhood that makes them obsess over trains kicked in and he has been train crazy since. I don’t get it.
    Congrats on the fifteen years AND the high reading. Good news all around!
    Oh, what toilet did you recommend to Trista? We need a potty chair… the toilet seat adapter thing ain’t cuttin’ it.

  7. charlotte Says:

    Estelle, we got the Bjorn potty seat. This one It is totally great! No gross places to clean, it doesn’t sing to you. We love it.

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