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gay vacay (and still no line at 12 DPO) February 23, 2007

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Folks, we are not pregnant. What we are is off to the snow for the weekend to some gay friendly cabins…with my mom and a straight couple and their straight dogs. Whatever. It will be fun-ish. My boy needs to see snow every year, and he has been talking about it for weeks. Off we go then.

It will be a nice distraction I hope. Plus, we are bringing the espresso machine that just arrived today (S’s birthday present). I’ll be making lattes, hot cocoa and mochas all effing weekend. And if S is indeed not pregnant (is this ever going to fucking happen????), she’s having like 5 lattes a day every day. Not joking. Friends, I know about caffeine and fertility…but the woman deserves some espresso.


6 Responses to “gay vacay (and still no line at 12 DPO)”

  1. Co Says:

    Yes, S. deserves lattes. Sorry it’s not happening this month.

  2. Calliope Says:

    look- snow is a cool, wonderful & amazing thing (says the girl that lives in Florida). I am hoping that it has some sort of fertility powers for you guys & that S comes home all grumpy b/c she didn’t get to have a drop of coffee…if you know what I am saying.
    will be thinking of you & your brood & hoping that a wonderful weekend is had.

  3. Sara Says:

    Hope you have a great weekend away despite the news. Enjoy the snow!

  4. bri Says:

    I hope snow and coffee were good even if everything else sucks.

  5. Matte Says:

    I just have to write to you. I found your blog somewhere and I’ve spent the last 1 hour+ reading. Currently I’m in March last year. I would really love to just continue reading, but I’m feeling bad doing it since I’m at work and, hench, should be working…

    You are so much fun! And you are so clever! And I recognised myself in so many of your thoughts. Wow.

  6. sophia Says:

    have a hot cocoa in my name

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