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negative February 22, 2007

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10 DPO test had nary a second line. It is early though.

Dude, this wait feels kinda like the first TWW.

I feel all knotted up inside about it. I think I saved all my doubt, fear, stress, excitement and hope for the last few days leading up to test day (12 DPO). I strongly believe that pregnancies show up by day 12. I really do. I know that people sometimes don’t show up until day 13 or 14, but I think that is very rare, or you ovulated later than you thought you did. If you are using sensitive tests, and you ovulated when you thing you did, you will show up by day 12. Everyone I know did. I don’t think folks are really implanting on day 10. I just don’t. I don’t trust medical science regarding fertility issues. We are so behind, culturally and medically. We know very little about women’s bodies. So how do I think I know any better? I don’t. It is just what I believe based on all the reading I have done, and anecdotal experience. People are + by day 12. Sometime folks with HCG boosters don’t get a darker line until later, but that is entirely different.

So that is the cutoff day for us. If it is not positive by Friday, she isn’t pregnant.

Why rant about this? God knows. I am just irritable and frustrated that I can’t make us pregnant, and I think that I hold onto hope until blood for no reasonable reason.


5 Responses to “negative”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I tested negative at 10DPO too and I am pregnnat with twins. 11DPO, I had such a faint line that you had to squint. And same at 12DPO. When I went in for beta at 14DPO I had 206….so you would THINK there would be a bright line by 12 or 13 DPO. Anyway, my long belated point here is, don’t give up yet. It is way way way too soon. My fingers are crossed!!

  2. Calliope Says:

    hope until blood. damn do I know that song well.
    Thinking of you both & wishing & hoping & so effing ready for you to be knocked up already.
    love you

  3. Co Says:

    I so hope this is it for you.

  4. bri Says:

    Yeah, I was starting to get all “no it was 13dpo for me!” but you’re right – it was after an HCG booster so it was simply that the line didn’t get darker which certainly makes all sorts of chemical sense. Hang in there. There will be an answer soon, at least.

  5. j Says:

    Well, we knew the exact ovulation day, and I tested negative until day 14. No HCG. I was pretty bummed on day 12 to get a negative, being sure that was the end, but I am one of those people who really didn’t get a + until late.

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