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timing? February 13, 2007

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Insem #7 is done, and we are not sure if the timing was off. S had an almost + OPK on Saturday, so we thought surely she would have a positive one on Sunday. Instead, it looked exactly the same (almost positive) and it did not register a “peak” on the monitor. By 10pm on Sunday (right before insem #1) her surge had totally disappeared. Unusual if her surge had started that morning. Then her temp was high this morning. Higher than it has ever been before ovulation. But she had tons of covers on, was super hot and the 1st time she took her temp it didn’t work (the thermometer was off). So who effing knows. Maybe she ovulated yesterday…in which case timing would was not ideal because the insem was at 10pm. If she ovulated today, timing was perfect. So we begin the waiting. Christ. I almost forgot how sucky the waiting part is. There is nothing to *do*.

On a positive note, Rocket Man is a good looking dude. S and I reported to each other when we got into bed last night that we both spent the evening with WTF and Rocket man thinking about how he really is smart, good looking and funny. And that boy is confident. It really does make the whole thing more exciting, less of a second choice.

Ok, back to the waiting. Maybe we’ll forget about it this month, and just have a nice couple of weeks. Shah.


4 Responses to “timing?”

  1. Calliope Says:

    your timing actually sounds pretty good. It seems like you caught the O in the middle – as the opk was darkening & possibly as it was fading.
    thinking of you both & SO ready for this to happen for you!!!

  2. Bri Says:

    Glad that it’s done. Hope that the timing, however wonky it might have seemed, turns out to be perfect.

  3. Co Says:

    Oh, God, I hope this is IT for you guys!!!!

  4. e Says:

    I hope this one works for you two!

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