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reluctantly moving forward February 6, 2007

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S is so upset by the impending HSG that she might not go. I know to many of you this test is just not that big of a deal, and I don’t think it would be for me either. But for S, it is. She was in tears about it last night. This morning she is just resigned, and depressed. She would prefer, possibly, to do more holistic treatments first, which I don’t have a great deal of faith in. It freaks me out because I don’t want to be responsible for her doing this thing that she really doesn’t want to do. I told her not to do it today if she walks in and just can’t bare it. Ug. Navigating our needs here is challenging to say the least. Bottom line: I think she’s going to need some medical help getting pregnant. But maybe I’m putting too much hope on this test. How many of you got pregnant after this? How many of your friends did? More importantly, how many of you DIDN’T get pregnant after this…


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  1. Co Says:

    I had my HSG in August 2006. Five tries later, not pregnant. So it didn’t help me get pg.

    Do not do the HSG only because you think it’ll be a rotorooter that will clean the tubes and get S. pregnant. Who’s to say that the women who get pregnant 1-3 months after HSG wouldn’t have gotten pregnant without it. It’s specious reasoning.

    Do the HSG for the info. Do it to know that you’re not shooting sperm up there for no reason. Or don’t do it. That’s my serious advice.

    But honestly, if S. is nervous, she’ll probably be like me… get all worked up about it and then afterward be like, ‘oh that wasn’t all that bad.’

    If she really doesn’t want it, obviously it’s her choice. But it’s really not that bad for most women. And if it hurts like hell, it really doesn’t last that long. Labor pains, I imagine, are far, far worse.

  2. Calliope Says:

    I don’t know if it will be ANY help – but while having an HSG sucks & isn’t fun and isn’t comfortable – it does give you something very potent: knowledge.
    If there is any blockage you will know and then be able to take action. Not finding anything is also good – as know the dye has done some pipe cleaning.

    I did not get pg after my HSG – but they did find some blockage. Granted the blockage managed to vanish on its own (something I found out after a 12 grand procedure) – but at least there was something tangible that I could blame for all my previous failed attempts.

    I am thinking of you both.

  3. lagiulia Says:

    I agree with Co’s advice on why one should do it. Pregnancy can be a side effect (a great one!), but really it’s just a test to see what’s going on with the tubes.
    I conceived shortly after the HSG, but I can’t say that’s what did it since I was mainly there to have unwanted endometrial tissue removed surgically. I think getting rid of the tissue was probably the more likely cause.
    Sorry this sucks so bad.

  4. Trista Says:

    I was clicking over here to say that Co said.

    It’s about the info. It’s not a treatment. Once you have the info then you can make treatment choices. And those treatments could be as holistic as S wants them to be.

    But I also know how it feels to want your partner to do something that they don’t want to do. You don’t want to be the responsible one. You just wish they wanted to do it.

    Honestly, now that I’m ovulating regularly, if I don’t get pregnant in another couple months I’m going for this test, too. Because I want to know.

    Of course, if she decides that she really can’t do it there’ll be no stink eye from me.

  5. Sophia Says:

    not pregnant here two years after the HSG. I ditto what everyone says. Its about knowledge. I support anyone who wants to go the acupuncture/visualization/herbal route in TTC but even all the new agey docs will say to at least go for the traditional fertility workup then come to them. I agree especially if you’re in the position of buying sperm (which you’re not but allow my soapbox moment). I can’t remember how many times I heard that people spent $$$$ on sperm only to find out both tubes were blocked and they needed IVF.

  6. Says:

    I got pregnant on my second try after the HSG, but it was also my second try on Clomid so there really is no knowing. It certainly can’t hurt. But I’ll go ahead and echo everyone else – it’s info you need, not a treatment. All the holistic stuff in the world won’t help if your tubes are mucked up. It seems like it would be worse to try a bunch of other stuff and discover that the tubes were the problem all along – talk about feeling like time was wasted…. All that said, if she doesn’t want to do it, she doesn’t want to do it. And I don’t know how to convince someone of the benefits of knowing if she don’t feel them herself.

    Thinking of you, hon.

  7. Michelle Says:

    I agree with everyone else — do it for the information.

    But since you asked, yes, very good friends of ours got pregnant the cycle after the HSG, after two years of trying. Their daughter turns 1 next month. As Co said, there’s nothing to say that it was a result of the HSG, but they feel that it made a difference (there were blockages that the HSG cleared).

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Had mine in September. Still not pregnant.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Since you are using fresh sperm, why not order some clomid from mexico ( & go for it? Do the lowest dosage (50mg days 3-7) and OPK as usual. I’d bet my anonymously commenting ass that it works first try. Many OB’s prescribe it and send straight couples on their merry way, it either helps or doesn’t- you shouldn’t do more than 3 months in a row because it can have a negative effect on your lining & cervical mucus.

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