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hsg tomorrow February 5, 2007

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If you have not already done so, please go send Sophia some love…their 2nd IVF just failed. For fuck’s sake.

We have no babysitter for tomorrow, so S will have to go by herself. I don’t have much to say about it. Antibiotics are being taken…everything is in place. She’s really nervous. We are still doubtful, but are choosing to proceed.

In other news:

There is this name. It is name that I covet like no other name in the history of the world. I HEART it. I love it equally for a boy or a girl. I love all of the nicknames. I love absolutely everything about it.

At the park today I saw a couple and their kids who I know through our mutual friends. We live in the same smallish community and never run into each other. I am getting to a point here, bare with me. Her daughter (who I have never met, but is the same age as LM) has this name, and when we learned through our mutual friends of her birth it was the first time I heard the name. I have heard it since, but only two other times.

I had actually hoped never to run into them because maybe I could still get away with using the name. I thought that even though we know them through friends, we are not friends with them per se, and have not seen them in 5 years. I thought that we could still use the name. But now we have seen them. And we exchanged numbers. Stupid S exchanged number with them! Heh. What was she thinking??? Did she think we were civilized people who would never choose a name over some measly people? I am joking, of course. Mostly.

I love this name so much that I am tempted not to call them just so that the option remains open. But I’m also aware that I am insane. I think only a few folks will be able to understand this type of crazy. Bri maybe? This is the PERFECT unique name.

They would find out. So what do I do? Do I ask them? Do I plead my case? Or do I just never mention it and explain when we run into each other again in 3-5 years? Or have our mutual friends (who i only see a few times a year) tell them?

What is the name protocol here? I certainly don’t want anyone stealing my name.

But I cannot express the infatuation I have with this lovely name. It is the loveliest name of all time.

Now I am wondering, what if these folks loved LM’s real name and wanted to name their baby that name. Um…truthfully, if they loved it so much they wanted to marry it, and they asked me…I would say yes, only because they would not be the same age with the same name.

Maybe I’m lying.

I don’t think so though. Jesus. If we actually have another baby, ever, this might seem like a nice problem to have.


10 Responses to “hsg tomorrow”

  1. Co Says:

    I was by myself for the HSG. I survived it. You might well not let you in the room for the procedure because there is some risk involved if you’re not suited up properly.

    I was so scared of my HSG that in the end, it turned out to be no so bad. I mean, yeah it hurt like hell and the doc had the gall to tell me I had a dirty cervix (gotta get the washcloth up in there next time I guess… wtf?) But whatever.

    If they’re not close friends, I don’t thik you could be accused of stealing their name. They seem too far removed for it to be an issue.

  2. Says:

    Right now our #1 name is one that is also #1 for our friends down the block. Seriously. Instead of “racing” to the finish…So what? There can be 2 ******* in the class. They’ll survive:)

    If you love the name. go for it, no questions:)

    good luck wished upon an easy HSG

  3. vee Says:

    Charlotte, just use the name (and you WILL get the chance, I’m sure of it).
    Life’s too short even to bother asking.

    PS jay says she’s still sulking cos I won’t even let us call the dog her utmost favourite name. Ever. Because I am cruel like that. Mwhahah!

    Good luck S with the HSG.

  4. Says:

    Co is right – Wes came with me but wasn’t allowed in so fat lot of good it did to have him there. Tell her to concentrate on the coolness of seeing what her uterus and tubes look like on the small screen (am I the only one who likes it when my body parts are momentarily “famous”?).

    Oh, names. Oh, you know how I understand. I understand so much that it might almost ruin the name for me even to have run into them again. I would absolutely consider never calling them. Totally. Hopefully, I would regain my sanity at some point, but no guarantees.

    In my opinion, if you become any closer friends with them, you should ask. You should explain. And if they get that LOOK on their faces, you may consider either not using the name or never calling them again and hoping maybe they won’t hear about you using the name. Just trying to imagine how I would feel if friends of friends used my name. Which, to be honest, would probably not be the hugest deal in the world, at least not like an actual close friend doing so. I don’t know. That is a hard dilemma. I seriously might never call.

  5. Shelli Says:

    I’ve done 2 HSG’s solo – no biggie. S will be just fine.

    As far as names, i’d simply tell them that you have hearted this name since all eternity, and how cool that y’all will have kids with the same name!

    Seriously do not let others steal your name thunder. It’s your fave name. screw them.

  6. Michelle Says:

    I was also by myself for the HSG, and it was fine. Good luck to S!

    I confess that I don’t get the “owning” of names. If you tell someone that you like a certain name, and they decide to use it only having heard the name from you, I agree that’s not cool. And I know that my SIL really wants to use her grandmother’s name someday (which is Charlotte!), which I also happen to like very much and would have considered, but since it’s her grandmother’s name, I think it’s hers to claim (my husband – her brother – is not as attached to it).

    I think if you do become friends with these people, do what Shelli suggests and tell them that you’ve always loved this name. Flatter them for having such similarly good taste. If they feel like you “stole” something from them, perhaps they’re not worth the friendship.

  7. ms.bri Says:

    Yeah, see if someone used a name that they heard from me, I’d kill them. I own my damn names, dammit. That’s why I think you should either feel them out or not be friends with them to begin with. But I am twisted like you on this. Not everyone understands us.

  8. charlotte Says:

    Just to clarify, the first time I heard the name it was them using it. And it is so uncommon (kinda not eveb a real name) that if we use it they will know we heard it from them 1st. But then we know another unrelated person who used it.

    But thanks for your support! I thought for sure everyone would tell me to back off. Yay. Oh and I just shared this dilemma with a friend tonight and she hated the name. Go figure.

  9. Calliope Says:

    thinking of you & hoping it went ok.

  10. three minute palaver Says:

    My DD has a very unusual name and if someone I knew used if for one of their kids I would be spitting chips over it. It would certainly jeopardise a friendship because I like my DD having a name we don’t encounter anywhere else. I wouldn’t use their kids name for this reason. If it were a more commen name, I wouldn’t think this would matter at all.

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