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sex February 2, 2007

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Are you people having any?

We are not.

TTC is the least sexy thing EVER! Nothing in all our many many years together has crushed the libido quite like this…not death, not anything.

We are having no sex. By that I mean maybe once a month or once every 6 weeks. That’s like 8 times A YEAR. Pathetic. There is more individual action than that, but still. I’m horrified. I’m actually more horrified by the fact that it has become so normal.

Are you people doin’ it?


16 Responses to “sex”

  1. Says:


  2. jenny Says:

    We are, becuase I throw hysterical fits when we go more than 2 weeks. Really though, this goes back to a historical imbalance between the two of us, ie: I want it way more and more often than the other member of our dyad, so she is used to me throwing such a fit. Also, she apparently decided to view my lupron-induced relative lack of desire as a challenge. I have no idea why, but I’m not complaining.

  3. Says:

    Sadly, I would kill for 8 times a year.

  4. e. Says:

    Yes and no.

    Usually when we are hard core ttc sex is the last thing I want. I am way toooooo tired. But after taking our break we realized how much we wanted to have sex and needed to in order to keep in touch with each other. I hate to say it, but I have instituted an “at least once a week rule” – not too sexy, I know, but it’s a goal and the whole point is to keep up connected and to um…release stress…so far it’s working.

  5. Sophia Says:

    sex? what’s that?

    Once a month was/is our pre-TTC average because Mikey is at an age that the libido is going going nearly gone and I’m at my sexual peak so 90% of my sex life is with Righty..

  6. Says:

    See, that’s interesting Sophia. For me, it’s all lefty. And I’m right handed.

    Actually that’s not true. I’m with Jenny, though I throw fits usually after one week. And I should probably get slapped by you guys for saying this but uhm, I thought we were at the low end of the scale at about 2x per week or so.

    I should probably shut up now.

  7. B Says:

    I’m with maeby!

  8. Stef Says:

    i haven’t posted on here before.. and was looking at blogs from 2 moms it can be done.. check out my blog if ya want..

    Sex? about every 4-5 weeks..
    we have a 3 year old.. thats one excuse…
    she wants it more than we have it now, but I am tired.

    But we are trying to get it to be better.

  9. Mermaidgrrrl Says:

    *sigh* We’re having sex about once a month at the moment. We have been together for a bit over four years. For the first 2 years we had lots and lots of sex. The kind where you can barely get it together to leave the house for all the hot, sweaty, kinky fucking you’re doing. I think I actually blew LM’s mind with my high libido and bag of tricks and she’d never had it so good. Then I got depressed and my sex drive died and never really came back. It’s been an issue between us for sure because she’s still pretty high-desire so it has been a source of tension. I just wish I could wave a magic wand and have my libido come back! I know it’s not about me and her as a couple because I’m not masturbating either so at least it’s not a reflection on us as a couple or my love for her. Not heaps comforting for her, but better than nothing!

  10. Melody Says:

    We’re also in the once every two weeks or so category. TTC is decidedly unsexy. I had a higher sex drive than V before TTC and was always frustrated that she did not want to have it more. Now once every 2 weeks is about all I can muster. I take progesterone during every TWW, and it ensures that I almost always fall asleep before we’d have time to work up to anything significant. Honestly, I don’t even have much energy for giving myself an orgasm, let alone anyone else. Poor V.

  11. Co Says:

    Not having much sex and I couldn’t care less.

  12. Calliope Says:

    dude – I am not even having sex with myself.

  13. Says:

    The last time(s) were twice the week before Noah was born, trying unsuccessfully to induce labor. That puts it at a year ago!

  14. Rosepetal Says:

    Hello, I am delurking here to say, I have never had so much s*x (typing on my work computer, sorry) because that is how we are TTC in my household….. but it is certainly not always s*xy, rather forced baby-making s*x when actually I would rather go to sleep. Let the BBT rise already so I can get a rest this month.

  15. Tamsin Says:

    No. And haven’t been for some time. Apart from one brief episode of K finally “agreeing” to bring me off one morning when I was about 4 months pg and feeling particularly horny, we haven’t had any other form of sex for I don’t know how long. But it’s been somewhere in the region of 3 years – maybe even longer – since we had “proper” reciprocal sex. Which is fucking horrendous/pitiful. I miss it terribly – not just the sexual release, but the wonderful closeness that love-making brings. And believe me, it’s not for the want of trying on my part, although I’ve more or less given up. It’s basically down to K having been in the peri-menopause for a few years now, plus high stress levels at work, meaning that her libido is utterly non-existent. Mine is still around, more or less, but the continuing lack of sex, and getting fed up of having my advances rejected, have reduced its level considerably over time. Which is not to say that my Rabbit doesn’t see some action from time to time.

    I too would be very happy with the 8 times a year (or at least, a lot happier than I am with having no sex at all). Heaven only knows how we will ever get our sex life back on track when we also have a baby around. It’s not as if K doesn’t actually want to have sex with me, but our times of feeling horny never coincide. Hell, if she ever let me know that she was feeling horny, I’m sure that I could get in the mood pretty quickly! But mostly, she just feels asexual, which is no help at all. I’ve tried to get her to “think” sexy, but she feels that this is too forced. Even though we agree that we are going to need to schedule sex if it’s ever going to happen again. We have tried scheduling it (e.g. the morning mentioned above), but she just shies away from it when it comes down to the nitty gritty.

    Sorry for ranting – it’s a sore subject!

  16. K77 Says:

    We’ve had sex once this year I think. Mentally sex just feels like yet another thing being done to my already-invaded body, plus my body image since my dx nearly a year ago has not been conducive to feeling up to it. Our goal is to do it sometime between DP healing from her dental extractions and me starting IVF.

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