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slightly elevated estradiol January 27, 2007

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S’s number on CD 3 was 48. According to our RE this is slightly elevated, enough to want us to come in and get it retested. Could be an ovarian cyst. Could be “old ovaries” working too hard to get eggs out. Could be nothing. According to Dr. Google (heh) the normal range is 25-75, but our RE likes to see number in the 20’s and 30’s. Now we also need to schedule an ultrasound to look for cysts. I hate that we have to pay for more tests, and it makes me want to scream at UD and H, but that is not feasible seeing as we are not speaking to them.

Anyone have elevated estradiol?

I hate this. Each piece of bad news just chinks away at what little hope I have left.

And J*sus, I shouldn’t be complaining now! We have not even entered the realm of bonafide fertility problems, or the realm of potential pregnancy problems. I hate this road. This road is long and full of steaming piles of shit we keep stepping in.


8 Responses to “slightly elevated estradiol”

  1. Trista Says:

    estradiol was somewhere in the 80’s, I can’t remember the exact numbers. I was completely freaked out. But my RE says that though it indicates that I would be a poor responder for IVF stimulation (as it indicates that my ovaries are, indeed, planning for early retirement), that as long as I’m ovulating regularly that we shouldn’t worry. One egg is all you need. It’s the projesterone levels that he was more worried about, and as my progesterone levels were strong, he’s confident that the elevated estradiol is not a huge problem.

  2. Trista Says:

    erm, that’s MY estradiol was somewhere in the 80’s… in case you couldn’t tell. Email me if you want more info…

  3. Co Says:

    I can’t speak to the estradiol because I have no idea what my numbers were. Dr. Quick just said they were all fine.

    If there’s a chance of on ovarian cyst though, then it’s important to get the u/s done. In that case, would it be possible for Dr. Ethics to submit it to an insurance company as a gynecological thing, without violating her ethics? Having an u/s because a test reveals that there might be a cyst certainly falls into the realm of gynecological health. (I’ve had u/s’s at GYN’s offices to diagnose and monitor a cyst before.) Or if she won’t, can S. go to her regular GYN (I’m assuming that’s covered for S.) and just say she is seeing an RE, the estradiol was high, she’s worried it might indicate a cyst, and have them do the u/s and get copies to take to your RE? Trans-v u/s’s at the GYN are pretty standard, if you give a reason for wanting one. I’ve never had a GYN tell me I couldn’t have one when I’ve requested one.

    I don’t mean to be all scary cuz I don’t think it IS a cyst. But if God forbid it IS a solid cyst that isn’t going to go away on its own, then it’s really good to have caught it early. My friend lost her ovary because of a large cyst this past year. So, while you hate tests, in this case, I’d say better safe than sorry.

    And you can complain all you want. Bonafide fertility issues suck. And it sucks, too, because while some people are happy with a medicalized approach, you two clearly wanted to avoid that. You didn’t have a medicalized approach with LM’s conception. You have the right to complain about or mourn for any dream you have to give up along the way.

  4. Sophia Says:

    co is right. try to get this over to the gyn so it can be covered with insurance.


  5. Says:

    Oh, ack. I am sorry I have no experience with this one but wanted to say I am thinking of you and very sorry for all the piles of crap.

  6. Daniella Says:

    Wow, that is interesting. Mine was 47, (FSH 5.1) and my RE said it was perfect. I am not worried, mostly because my RE is one of the best in the field and I trust him, but I am curious as to why your RE says differently. Hmm…

  7. Daniella Says:

    Wow, that is interesting. Mine was 47, (FSH 5.1) and my RE said it was perfect. I am not worried, mostly because my RE is one of the best in the field and I trust him, but I am curious as to why your RE says differently. Hmm…

  8. Daniella Says:

    Ok, just checked online and it said that Estradiol levels are lab specific. So, while 47 is perfect in my RE’s lab, apparently, 48 could be slightly elevated in your RE’s lab.

    Sorry for any confusion. I hope that in S’s case, it isn’t a problem.

    I have been trying for #2 for 13 months now and have been following along on your journey. Wishing you the best!

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