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the HSG January 25, 2007

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S will be getting the HSG this cycle, and our RE recommends taking an antibiotic for 5 days around the time of the procedure. Did y’all do this? Also, S tested positive for urea plasma (sp?) and they wanted her and ME (wtf?) to take a 7 day course of antibiotics prior to the procedure, then get another swab. As far as I can tell this is a worry for pregnancy, not the HSG per say. Is all this shit really necessary? I know the antibiotics for the HSG are to prevent uterine infection, but I’m curious what you all think of the whole thing, if you have any recommendations (RE also said to take adv*l beforehand). We will be scheduling, hah! I mean I will be scheduling the HSG on her CD1, which should be Monday, for CD7, which is a week from then…so the test will be in like a week and a half? And what do you know about urea plasma?

It is very strange to have no possibility of being pregnant this time. Breaks suck ass. We don’t feel renewed AT ALL. We feel like holy fuck can be just be pregnant already????

On the UD and H front…I don’t know how we will ever forgive them, much less talk to them. What a nightmare.

We better get a damn good baby after all this.

And thank you all from the depths of my soul for all your encouraging comments in my last post…I sososo needed to hear those things…it really made a difference.


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  1. AJ Says:

    Hi! I post on alot, and I remember hearing more than once that someone who had been trying for over a year, with no success, had been tested for urea plasma and it come up positive. They then took the antibiotics and had success getting pregnant soon there after. I found this description of the bacteria online:
    “Ureaplasma (Mycoplasma):
    An infection that may cause the formation of sperm antibodies and an inflammation of the uterine lining, either of which may interfere with implantation of the embryo.”
    Good luck with the antibiotics,I hope they yield some results for y’all. Also, from what I read, it is very common to put both partners on antibiotics because the bacteria is transferred back and forth during sex.

    Ok, sorry for the novel-comment.


  2. J Says:

    I can only talk about the HSG antibiotic – I took one for 3 days before and 2 days after the test.

    Here’s the thing. I think it’s a mostly CYA move. Like, they want you to be ON something if that slight slight chance that something goes wrong, actually happens.

    Make SURE that S does not forget to take some Ibuprophen before the HSG. I did. And I was really sad about that.

  3. lagiulia Says:

    Our RE required my husband and I to get blood tests before working with her. We both tested positive for something or other that could theoretically interfere with conceiving, so we both had to take a course of antibiotics. I didn’t know the details but sort of blindly followed what she said. But hey, it worked a few months later, so there’s that.
    I got my tubes checked while I was knocked out cold having surgery for ovarian issues, but I hear from friends the hsg is generally painful. The adv1l might be a good idea. Thinking of you both, and sorry for the sucky suckiness of it all.

  4. Co Says:

    I know nothing about urea plasma.

    I am agreeing with J. Unless S. is totally opposed to painkillers of any sort, I’d recommend taking something. It doesn’t have to be ibuprofen. My R.E. recommended Motrin. The radiology place where I did the HSG said Tylenol. They only tell you that because there is discomfort involved.

    I didn’t take antibiotics, and I agree with J. that that’s prescribed more for insurance in most cases. I didn’t get an infection, by the way.

    I did take 3 doses of prednisone or something similar because I’m allergic to shellfish. The doctor told me it was likely unnecessary, but it’s in the protocol.

    And yeah, breaks can be renewing and helpful, but that’s only if they’re chosen. If they’re unwanted and imposed by infertility workups or lack of sperm or lack of money, then they suck.

  5. Says:

    I took antibiotics for the HSG and was really glad I did – my co-worker who had hers done the week before mine got a really bad infection and it was scary and extremely painful. I am VERY pro antibiotic for this procedure after seeing her go through that. For heaven’s sake – Wes has a very slight heart murmur and has to take them every time he goes to the dentist. And it hasn’t messed up his immune system in any way.

    Of course, I am very pro medication and Western medicine, so I am all kinds of wrong to be replying here. But I did want to mention my friend’s infection.

    Don’t just take Advil – take 800 mg of Advil (that’s 4 of them) an hour before. Don’t mess around. Also, a blogger somewhere also told me to take a dose of Benadryl because it prevents smooth muscle contractions which can foul up the test. By no means absolutely necessary, but I did it and had no issues, other than the one giant cramp when the dye went in.

    Sorry I don’t know anything about the other thing, but the other commenters sound like they have that covered more.

  6. jenny Says:

    For me, the HSG hurt like a mofo – BUT this is because I have mad tubal problems and therefore they were trying to take pics of the issue from every possible angle.

    Take 800 mg of advil. Take the antibiotics, like Bri said the potential infection that you most likely won’t get is really nasty.

    I have also read that urea plasma can mess with fertility. You both would need to be treated for it because it can be passed back and forth between intimate partners.

  7. Calliope Says:

    My RE must have been smoking crack. I was never informed about taking an antibiotic before my HSG. I was told to take 2 motrin before and after and take the day easy. I also had an IUI two weeks later.

    I am clearly NOT preggo – so I would do whatever Bri & Lagiulia says.

    & have I mentioned before how much this SUCKS. man. much xo to you

  8. hd Says:

    I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for you through all of this. Sorry about all the ass-sucking shit you and S. are dealing with.

    As for the HSG–I didn’t have to take antibiotics, but it’s not a bad idea. But I HIGHLY recommend the Advil. Have her take it before, take some with you so she can take it right after, and then keep it nearby for the next 24 hours.

    I got pregnant on the cycle immediately (like, 10 days) after my HSG. I hope it works that way for you guys.

  9. Says:

    I was never given antibiotics before or after my HSG, and nothing bad happened, and I got pregnant 5 weeks later.

    It hurt more than any other thing related to having the baby, except maybe the window of time 6-24 hours after the c-section. HORRIBLE. I agree with Bri on preventive pain relief. S. should also keep taking advil for at least 24 hours after. I was so tense during mine that my torso muscle system ached a LOT for at least 2 full days.

    Are you going with S? If you can, you should, and you should plan on driving, especially on the way home. And also on letting her hold your hand/break your fingers during the process.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, I’m a recent lurker and long-time IRL friend of bri’s. I just had an HSG on Monday, so I thought I would chime in with my very fresh experience. My RE here in NY mentioned nothing about antibiotics, but they very explicitly told me to take some ibuprofin before the procedure. I did, but only 10-15 minutes before, so it probably didn’t help alleviate the pain during the test. For me, the test itself was not comfortable, but it was not extremely painful. I definitely found myself doing some deep breathing to get through it, and it was over very quickly. Immediately after I felt fine, if a little strange. I would also recommend that you bring a tampon or pad. At the radiology department at nyu they did not have any available in the dressing rooms and some of the dye comes back out right after the test. My husband was stuck at work, so I was alone, and I felt good enough right after to take the bus accross town, go shopping, and then take the subway home. HOWEVER, a few hours later my abdomen became bloated and sore and stayed that way for about 24 hours. That was way more uncomfortable than the test for me. No one warned me that that might happen, so I just wanted to let you know.

  11. Sophia Says:

    i didn’t do antibiotics but did do the advil (only two) and I didn’t find the HSG painful at all but I’m defiantely the exception not the norm. Bring your own pad because even if they have pads it’ll be a cheap ass lady diaper.

    DO NOT repeat DO NOT Google Ureaplasma which is a bacteria in the same family as another SCARY bacteria. You’ll just have a nervous breakdown. They found it during my pre TTC workup and I had to do antibiotics. Mikey got tested and was negative so I must have had the bacteria inside me asymptomatically for years which is possible because your annual gyn workup doesn’t check for it.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Just delurking to say that if S was positive for Ureaplasma, she should definitely take antibiotics before and after. The HSG can push bacteria from the cervix into the fallopian tubes and spread the infection. Unfortunately, I know because it happened to me. Taking antibiotics can help to avoid this and is definitely worth the precaution.

  13. Michelle Says:

    If I recall correctly, I took one big dose of antibiotic the day before the HSG (doxycycline?) and then took 1,000 mg of Ibuprofen two hours before the procedure. My experience was a breeze – no discomfort, no spotting, less cramping than I usually have after a pap.

  14. sariel & shlomit Says:

    i had an hsg and NO MENTION of antibiotics…i have a number of friends that had it too, and none of them went on antibiotics nor were there any complications…my partner and i had the ureaplasma thing and did take a 4 day course of antibiotics for that…

    you may want to take some probiotic foods after the antibiotics…whichever ones you end up taking…

    oh, and the ad.vil or similar is a MUST about an hour before the procedure!! my RE hands you a little packet when you book the scan…

    hope she’s not stressing too much about it…the neat thing is you get a good shot of your uterus and fallopian tubes!


  15. Amanda Says:

    Breaks definitely do suck, but they can also be good for the soul (and stressed-out relationship). T and i have taken two long breaks throughout our journey, and just got started again after waiting 4 MONTHS to get our HSG done.

    Our doc didn’t recommend any antibiotics, just that she take some Advil and bring a pad. She had spotting for almost an entire week afterwards, and was crampy for a day or two, but that was about it. i guess she had a better experience than a lot of people from what i have heard…

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