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Naming our Babies January 12, 2007

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This meme from Trista (from months ago) is a good one.

Find the nearest book.
Name the author & title.
Turn to page 123.
Post sentences 6-8.

My nearest book was B@by N@me Countdown.

I won’t post the names on page 123 because the names on the other pages are soooooooo much better, and by better I mean CRAZY-like.

BTW this is the best baby book ever. No bullshit about what anything means or its Greek origin. Just names. Over 100,000 to be exact. I think it lists all the names logged into the US Social Security system, over a few years, but the book gives no explaination. Just names.

Oh, the glory of the names. Read on my friends.

It is a GREAT party book, because your guest peruse it and find jems like Lovely Mystique, Destephany, and Loveminda.

Or howabout Drewsilla, Ex-Starvia, or Gary Jr.??? GARY JR.???

Mayhaps you would like something a little more along the lines of: Vahola, Tyquila, Fanessa or Gagndeep?????

Some of my favs are abhorrent ‘re-spellings’ of normal names, like “Teighlor”, “Meghyn” or “Stef ‘nie.”

But wait, we have not even approached the terrible combos where you think you are so smartique by naming your child not Jasmine or Mary but “Jasimary”.

Or Babecca? What is that shit? A Rebecca/Barbara combo? Please don’t do it people. Keep it in your pants.





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