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Negative January 1, 2007

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No period yet, but it is coming.

And being the wonderful wife that she is, S peed in a cup for me this morning, so I could do with it what I wanted, even though she doesn’t want to test because she is so sure she is not pregnant. GUess what? She’s not. I stuck some HPTs in it, a cheap one and an expensive one.

Both negative. There is no hope. No one gets multiple negative pregnancy tests the day their period is due, on 13 DPO.

Last night was the most depressing New Years Eve I have ever had.

I need some advice internets. S is seeming willing to do the dye test, and suggested that if we are doing an intervention cycle, why not just do it up. So we are considering an IUI, Clomid and fresh insems. Hell why not throw in a trigger shot? I don’t yet know a ton about this stuff.

What do you think? We just want it to f*cking work. If it doesn’t this next time we might stop.


12 Responses to “Negative”

  1. Sophia Says:

    i think if you do the dye test you have to take a month off but ask the RE. maybe another option is to do the saline test..same procedure but with simple saline. again ask the RE

    if you’re gonna do Clomid might as well do the trigger shot. It pretty much guarantees ovulation will happen so maybe you can do fresh, fresh, trigger, IUI, maybe another fresh?

    but i’m really talking out pf my a$$

  2. Co Says:

    So sorry it’s negative.

  3. e. Says:

    It really is up to how comfortable S. is with intervention and how much she is willing to do in order to get pregnant. And how important it is for her to be pregnant.

    I find it ironic that living in a two uteri family can present so many challenges. But we are expereinceing the same thing. So far, I am not ready to stop….I really. want. to. be. pregnant! A. does not care as much if she ever gets preg. So I am just starting to try on the idea of Clomid, and yet there is a part of me that is resisiting with all my might. I ask myself what that’s about. I can’t answer my question yet. And S. may not be able to either. My emotions are just so complicated.

  4. charlotte Says:

    What’s with this take a month off thing after the dye test thing?? Bri said the same thing. I *thought* my RE said that your fertility is increased that same cycle…that the 3 cycles increased fertility is not true. Who knows. I am so not into taking a month off. But we could for sure do a fresh cycle after the test, right? I know I need to call my RE, but if we are doing IUIs I need to find a clinic closer to where Rocket Man works so we are not makinging him drive. Ug. More phone calls.

  5. Says:

    My doctor put it this way – it would depend on when I ovulated and when the dye test was for us to know whether we could do an IUI that round. If I had the dye test on day 10 and ovulated on day 13, she wouldn’t recommend that I IUI. But if I had the test on day 7 and ovulated on day 14, then it was probably OK. Because you don’t know for sure when you’ll ovulate, I think it may not be that wise to do Clomid if you don’t know if you’ll be able to do the whole shebang – I personally wouldn’t take Clomid unless the whole thing was for sure just because you can only take it so many times and I wouldn’t want to waste one. So in the end we decided not to do that cycle because I didn’t want to try w/o Clomid anymore.

    I know lots of people get knocked up the same month as the HSG with absolutely no issues, but we also felt a little weird about the possibility of a baby in there the same month as radioactive dye so we felt better about waiting for the lining to regenerate. I know that is overly alarmist but that’s how we felt.

    Doctors and studies differ wildly on how long the increased fertility of HSG lasts (or whether it exists at all). You can find plenty of people online who got pregnant within 3 cycles. And some who didn’t. It’s impossible to really know because who knows what might have happened without it!?

  6. bleu Says:

    I am just newly pregnant on my eighth try and my second month of Clomid. I think if you do the HSG and/or the Clomid you should give it 3 tries as that is what the odds state, the increased fertility for 3 cycles after an HSG and the Clomid usually working in the first 3 months.
    I know for me I would not want to give up on being able to be pregnant and 3 months more trying is not a horrofic long time if the result is a positive one.
    I know this is so hard on you, but it will all be so worth it.
    Good luck and many positive wishes this new year.

  7. Co Says:

    What I’ve read about the HSG is that there’s no proof it increases one’s fertility for 3 cycles or even for 1 cycle. What I’ve read is that if there is a minor blockage, sometimes shooting the dye (or saline) up there pops out that minor blockage (it won’t correct anything major, obviously) and opens things up. But if that’s the case, then it only helps if there’s a minor blockage.

  8. Says:

    Agreed with all above. There is no proof. That said, there is also a rumor of increased fertility after a D&C or any other sucking out of uterus lining type procedure like I had. And I have now gotten pregnant after an HSG AND after a uterus-sucking. The part that makes me doubt the increased fertility thing is just that I was on Clomid both times and have a known luteal phase defect so it also just makes sense that it worked. But who knows what helped, really?

    I also agree with the 3 cycle thing. I mean, if you really just want to give it one big Clomid try, go for it. But 3 tries really is the gold standard – my first pg was on the 2nd try. There are just too many other variables with timing and implantation and chemicals and hormones to think that Clomid is going to make everything work automatically (I know you know that already). That said, you should do what feels right and if one cycle of Clomid feels like closure, so be it.

  9. bluegrammargirl Says:

    Sorry about your negative. No experience with intervention, I just wanted to send your family some good vibes and wish you fertility in the new year!

  10. Sacha Says:

    You KNEW I’d have an opinion about this!

    I suggest IUI with clomid next cycle plus the IVI insems and hold off on the dye test and see if you get pregnant. If you do, you haven’t thrown a bunch of money at TTC, esp since if there’s nothing wrong with S’ tubes, you risk spending a lot of money for no significant benefit.

    Figure that the percentage chance of having an issue with hormones (ie strength of ovulation) is higher than her having buildup/blockage to her tubes. This is assuming she doesn’t have a significant history of PID, STDs, trauma to the area, etc….

    M. (the queen of TTC planning IMO) says don’t do everything all at once…clomid is cheap and easy to try once, minimally invasive and can help.

    Do you have people who will do an IUI with fresh?

    M. and I were at lunch today and decided that you and S have suffered enough and it’s TIME. Too bad we have no control over the universe. Once again, come on little baby.

  11. jenny Says:

    I got pg the cycle after an hsg. Also – the negative tests suck serious ass, but I got negative pee sticks the SAME DAMN DAY I had a blood test done, and my quantitative beta was 195. So, the peesticks just don’t always work.


  12. charlotte Says:

    S did have an appendectomy at 12 years old, which apparently can cause scar tissue that interferes with ones tubes. Is this right?

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