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Power Outage December 29, 2006

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Two whole days of S’s holiday vacation spent “surviving” in our house trapped, and without power.

A tree fell on the power lines on our road, spilling wires all over the place and blocking the only way out. Each day our good friends came to the other side of the scary tangled mess of limbs and wires to rescue us. We hiked through the mess to meet their car, and enjoy the world of lights and tv before returning.

It feels so good this morning to check my motherf*cking email.

In ttc news: we are 10 DPO with not much hope. Not in a dramatic no hope, miserable way, but in a disconnected way. We have so much riding on this cycle (like it could be her last, like we might start big invasive tests next cycle) that I think we are just burying our heads in the sand.

And we have not temped, I almost forgot to set our fertility monitor (two days late…but it still worked), I have recorded no feelings of crampiness, sore boobs or any other ttc signs on her chart, S has been forgetting her herbs and has given up on the teas.

I don’t know how this is going to go. Whether we will test. Certainly we could today…but more blank tests are too depressing for S. So we wait until New Year day, I suppose, for her period. That sounds so shitty to me. I would rather know earlier. Her current signs and stuff point towards her period coming, though. Maybe I don’t want to know earlier.


5 Responses to “Power Outage”

  1. Co Says:

    I really hope this is IT for you guys. But I totally hear where you’re coming from. It’s so hard to be hopeful. Much love from the familyo.

    And power outages suck.

  2. Says:

    Wow – that is some dramatic power crap! I am sorry about that and about the no signs/bad signs stuff. As always I hope you guys are wrong. Thinking of you lots.

  3. whatthef*ck Says:

    FUCKER!! I had no idea what you ladies were up to. That is some shit.

    I was just about to check S’s chart. Mo’fo to the whole thing. Fuck hope. Fuck not getting pregnant. Fuck your selfish KD’s wife. Fuck New Year’s day without a BFP. Fuck the acronym BFP. Fuck it all.

  4. Sacha Says:

    I can’t say it better than whatthef*ck.

    I’m still holding out for a non-blank white window. Because I want it so, so, so badly for you. Come on, baby! It’s time already.

  5. Mama2BandT Says:

    Hoping this is it for you as well…

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