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I’m boring you to tears… December 21, 2006

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I can see from my lack of comments that I have been too bitter or too boring. I can’t help the bitter part, but I can change it up with some more interesting stuff. Well, actually I can’t. I’m too busy. I am a pre-holiday nut job who is sick and dumb.

S and I forgot to order the LM picture calendars for all the grandparents…then we did insem stuff all weekend. Therefor we are 3 days from Christmas and missing gifts for 5 IMPORTANT FAMILY MEMBERS. We are so fucked. In fact we are “Effed in the A” which is my new favorite saying.


7 Responses to “I’m boring you to tears…”

  1. Sophia Says:

    not bored just crazed

  2. Says:

    Oh ack. Same here. Not bored. Just sick and sorry for myself because I am still obsessed with my inability to buy gifts. I even tried to hit the stores that are on a direct path home from work and I still got hot and frustrated and didn’t find anything anyway. Anyway, I know the gift freak-out well and I sympathize. And I like your new a** saying very much.

  3. bleu Says:

    You can get one hour photo stuff done through Sams or Wal&^rt and order online and then pick up. You can get upload from home. Just a thought.

  4. Calliope Says:

    totally self absorbed & sucking at commenting.

    You can always go to kinkos & do photo stuff- it would be photo copied, but they have good quality.

    I may steal your new saying (or was it a slogan??)


  5. Jackie Says:

    S’s current favorite saying is “qu’est ce que fuck”

    Not terribly original, but good nonetheless.

    Good luck on presents. Send them photos of you guys enjoying Wii. That would work for me.

  6. Trista Says:

    Me? Not bored, just overwhelmed and crazy and crying.

    By the way, your holiday card is going to be late. I’m looking at it right now from the corner of my eye. And that means it won’t get to you until after Christmas.

    Merry Christmas. Hope you get something for those people. I’m tearing my hair out right now because I can’t get my shopping done and it won’t get done and there’s nothing I can do about it except for bitch and cry.

  7. Lo Says:

    A belated note to say that TTC is *boring*. At least it is for us/me. It’s all about waiting and then not getting anything out of it. So, you’re not boring me!

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