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We are geeks. December 11, 2006

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Firstly, I can’t figure out what my humanitarian act should be.

Secondly, um, we are still not pregnant. Grrr.

Lastly, S and I spent the whole weekend playing video games on our new N*indendo W i i. This is REALLY good for two reasons:

1. It is f*cking fun

2. S and I decided a few weeks ago that this should be our Christmas present to each other, which we should get early because if we were not pregnant (surprise!) we would have a good distraction. The problems was this is a game system that is very hard to get. You have to wait in line, camp out, god knows. It is in VERY short supply, and when a store gets a shipment, they get like 9 in and have 40 people already lined up at 6am. So instead of a nice ‘we aren’t pregnant again’ distraction it became a ‘f*cking great, something else that is hard to come by that other people are getting but not us” situation. So I got DETERMINED on Friday, and when I get determined, I get serious. And I got one.

I will spare you the geeky details of the waiting in line, entertaining LM, the hush as the UPS man wheeled the game systems into the store, the sagas of the folks who arrived at 5 am when the store was not sure they would even be getting any that day, the cheers that erupted as the clerk pulled the first system out of the box and held it above his head.

So S and I spent the ENTIRE day in our jammies, sans showers, playing video games while my mom took care of LM.

Good times.

And it did feel vindicating and hopeful to get a W i i. If we can’t have another baby, at least we had some addictive, geeky, completely engrossing weekend.

I highly recommend buying this to play with your partner during TTC. You can play tennis together and you swing the controller thru the air to hit the ball. It’s f*cking hysterical. I’m telling you…the best $250 we ever spent. Cheaper than a vial of sperm. Way more effective than couples counseling, personal therapy or a support group. Seriously.


6 Responses to “We are geeks.”

  1. Grrlscout Says:

    I was debating whether to get the Wii or the Playst@tion 3. (Assuming I can get my hands on one). I am a total geek and love video games. People think there is something wrong with me.

    Have you experienced any of the Wii-related injuries?

  2. vee Says:

    I love the image that conjures up!

    And perhaps the getting-hold-of-something-hard-to-get-hold-of is gonna be a good omen for you guys.

    In the mean time, enjoy your pre-Christmas fun!

  3. bri Says:

    Wow. You are geekier than almost anyone I know. I would never have known. Congratulations.

    That is so, so awesome that you had such a good time with that amazingly cool looking device. We don’t have any video game systems, as we fear we really wouldn’t ever see GMB again. He plays computer games only at our house and that’s a time-sucker as it is. But sometimes I am sad that I don’t get to play one of these crazy things. Sounds super fun.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    sounds like an amazing weekend. & how effing satisfying that hard work, waiting and patience paid off for something.


  5. Sacha Says:

    You don’t know how much I would love a Wii. M. won’t let me get any kind of gaming consule because she knows she’d never see me again.

    If only she loved gaming too…I’m so jealous. Oh well.

  6. charlotte Says:

    People, you don’t have to love gaming to want one of these. Your non gaming wife will play.

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