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Period is coming December 4, 2006

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All the period-is-coming symptoms are starting. Yes, of course she could still, in the realm of slim possibility, be pregnant, but probably not.

S is having a latte today. This is almost PROOF that she is not pregnant. She is very serious about not having coffee while ttc (before you say coffee is OK – this is the edict from the acupuncturist, and it is about the coffee itself, not the caffeine, and is specifically for S’s system, not everyone’s).

Anyway, she’s serious about it and always hopeful until she gets “that feeling” which is the my-period-is-coming feeling with particular symptoms. This feeling is never wrong, and I truly believe, at this point, that when/if she gets pregnant it will feel different to her, or at least this feeling won’t come. I don’t think this is true for everyone, but S knows her body really well…and not in a obsess-over-every-ttc-symptom way, but in a martial arts, knowledgeable about anatomy, this is one of her gifts all the time (knowing her body), way. So we are going to get a latte.

This time I will wait before posting the official “not pregnant, again. fuck” post until we see blood. Until then I will just try to survive and distract myself. I guess. I’m kinda numb, but I think when she gets her period this time, I need to cry. I need to have a good long cry so it doesn’t build up, stew and leak out onto other people until I finally have a giant meltdown.

P.S. We did some retail therapy and S stayed home from work. We are having a great day considering.


4 Responses to “Period is coming”

  1. whatthef*ck Says:

    MO. FO.

  2. mermaidgrrrl Says:

    Negative tests suck. But apart from that suckiness, when I conceived I felt every day for about 6 weeks that I would start my period at any second – the symptoms were exactly the same. Weird huh? That’s why I had spent the whole weekend before the positive test drinking lots of alcohol and scoffing down soft cheese – I was that sure I was about to start bleeding. Eek!

  3. Co Says:

    I know what you mean about knowing the period is coming. It’s precisely that knowledge that made me go off the hoo-ha bullets this last cycle at 15DPO. The first cycle I did the hoo-ha bullets, I satyed on them until 16DPO like I was told to, and I didn’t have the mid-afternoon coffee I wanted, even though I’d gotten a BFN on an HPT at 15DPO. I felt like a chump when I got my official negative beta and my period finally came. I also felt like a masochist for depriving myself and continuing to take the progesterone when I knew… REALLY KNEW… it was time to bleed.

    So, I’m glad S. let herself have a latte. But I’m sorry for what this likely means.

  4. Round is Funny Says:

    Damn. I’m really sorry.

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