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10/11 DPO, and we don’t know anything yet December 4, 2006

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One of the reasons, readers, why we don’t know anything at all is that my lovely wife peed in the toilet, not once but twice this morning at 5am and 7am, right into the bowl. Not on a stick. No sticks.

I let her sleep in because she is still a bit sick but upon waking she got an EARFUL about not wasting all that morning pee, and stop complaining about taking your temperature which you have not even been taking lately. I was clearly displacing all my tension about my failed friendship and TTC in general onto ther. All the poor woman did was go pee in the morning.

I must add, however, that at one point during the argument she sarcastically commented that she knew I would never have made such a mistake. Um, YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT SISTER. There is not snowballs chance in hell that I would just *forget* to pee on a pregnancy test TWICE in one morning. Shah. Does she know me at all?

Then she proceeded to pee on one and hand it to me, after she had only held her pee for like less than two hours. Thank you for wasting $8 so we could see another negative HPT.

Good times.

Tomorrow, if S is not too depressed to POAS, we will test again.

I’m sure I am such a fun person to be married to.


6 Responses to “10/11 DPO, and we don’t know anything yet”

  1. bri Says:

    Oh, dear. First of all – no. None of us would forget. I, in fact, spent the forced break months and the miscarriage months MISSING the anticipation of peeing on a stick. It occurs to me nearly every morning that I wish I was stick-peeing. So we wouldn’t forget.

    But you do have to find a way to let her do things her way a bit. Some sort of compromise. I only say this because I love you and want your marriage to last long enough for me to meet your lovely wife. I am sure it would drive me batshit crazy, though, having a wife like that. Heh.

    Most importantly. If, GOD FORBID, it doesn’t work this cycle, you MUST, I INSIST, buy from 20 sticks for .80 a piece and no shipping. AND they are the best peesticks around for some good old fashioned obsessing. Showed me a light line when I only had 7.5 HCG in my system (for real.). Easy to compare to each other. Good for taping onto paper and scanning. Excellent, CHEAP fun. Wasting $8 – sheesh. I am ashamed of you both.

  2. whatthef*ck Says:

    jesus christ your wife is friggin’ killing me. i think she subconsciously did not want to deal with a bfn. i don’t blame her. she’s facing a lot of pressure. christ call me in the a.m. i can barely form a complete sentence here. good luck for chrissake.

  3. whatthef*ck Says:

    i’m working on a new post, sort of. i’m working on finding time to write it. i have had zero free time where i am not feeling catatonic. also the post will be about the cerclage and i have lots to say about that. it’s percolating so simmer down you. make your wife pee in a f*cking cup already!

  4. Co Says:

    It’s so hard when you and your partner feel differently obsessive about things. But I hope you can both reach a compromise.

    This is so hard on both of you.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    could you put some saran wrap over the bowl? maybe with a little give thus creating a recipticle type situation? no? too gross?

  6. Trista Says:

    Charlotte, you know I love you. You know I do. But I agree with Bri…

    Only because I’m in the same position as your wife and I’m having the same damn fights with my wife and I’m really wishing that someone would tell her to back off and just let me poas when I’m good and ready.

    Plus, if I have to go pee badly enough to get up in the middle of the night, then I’m not going to remember to pee on a stick. Kristin works around this by placing a little dixie cup and the stick right on the toilet lid…

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