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Round number five – complete. November 26, 2006

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We did 3 inseminations (one on Tuesday night, one Wednesday morning and another that evening).

But then we didn’t have a temp spike on Thursday. We got it on Friday, so maybe we had a Thanksgiving ovulation after all. But no insems on that day. Who knows.

The last insem was on Wednesday night, after they madly packed, put the kids to bed and had a minor tiff about not having something ready for the plane the next morning when the whole family had to get up at the crack of moth*erf*cking dawn to catch an early flight. Thank you Rocket man for being so incredibly cooperative. We should really bring the man some p*rn if this try does not work. I think he deserves some fun when WTF is too nauseous or tired to help (the poor pregnant chick.)

Hanging out at WTF’s house was fun and lovely as usual. She is looking pregnant and cute.

Tomorrow we venture to great-friends-with-new-baby’s house for visit #2. Hopefully this time I will not leave in tears. I am feeling better overall, and the fact that S could be pregnant, even if she isn’t makes it easier to visit. This part of the TWW is usually the easiest, but I realized today that we are only on 2 DPO. Testing day is in 9 days and that seems like forever.

Oh, and I overspent on yarn this weekend. Why? So I can knit stuff for other people’s babies. What am I thinking???


9 Responses to “Round number five – complete.”

  1. Sacha Says:

    Overspending on yarn is FUN! That reminds me that I really need to keep working on my baby blanket.

  2. Sophia Says:

    I hopt this is it for you!

  3. Co Says:

    Fingers crossed for you guys.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    We’re all crossing our fingers that this it for you in my household (even the little ones are now that I think of it the cats and dog are too)


  5. bri Says:

    Oh please please please let this be it for both of us!

    Timing was still excellent – don’t they say the fresh stuff is supposed to be in there beforehand to meet the egg since it lives so damn long?

    I miss yarn. I have been working on extremely intricate baby quilts for so blasted long and am so sick of needles and pins at this point. I am going back to crocheting as soon as the current oeuvre is complete (January?).

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t envy you at 2 dpo. Fingers crossed that you’ll get good news in 9 or so days!

  7. Pronoia Says:

    Uh, yeah. Doing that overspending on yarn for other people’s babies myself just now. What are we thinking?

  8. Kim Says:

    Oh man, I am right there with you! I’ve been going through so much yarn that I actually put “yarn” on my Christmas wish-list, so other people will buy me more! 😉 I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and S., hon.

  9. whatthef*ck Says:

    Go knitters!! dammit i wish you women could come to my tiny knitting group. charlotte that blankie f*cking rocks, no pun intended!! pattern please. did you return all of those knitting books yet?

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