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The hardest meme EVER. From Calliope. November 17, 2006

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1) If somebody said you were like a breakfast cereal, which one would you be and why?

Um…froot loops. Sweet but sharp and crazy.

2) How do you take your coffee/tea?

With tons or cream and sugar like a giant uncool sissy.

3) Your bedroom is on fire. You can only reach in & grab ONE thing. Do you grab your photo album or your journals?

Photos. I’ve had enough of my own emotional ramblings.

4) When I see rich people complain about not having enough money I wish I could push them in a push circle so that everyone else would know that they are assholes.

5) Got porn?

Tons. But from more adventurous years.

6) If I could meet _______ and explain why I _______ I would never ______ again.

I have no idea. I’m too dumb for this one.

7) What is the worst pet name in the history of your family?

Um…we have a cat right now named Baby Kitty. My porn name (the name of your 1st pet and the first street you lived on) is Kitty Pope. That’s a good one.

8) I would eat a bowl of GIANT TAPIOCA for free, but if you want me to eat a bowl of ARUGULA you’d have to pay me $10.

9) What 80’s tv star would make you giggle like a school girl?

Corey Haim and John Cusack

10) What age was your best and why?

28. I gave birth that year and turned 29 a week later. All my birthdays since are made better by the fact that I have a kid. Having a kid is the only thing I have ever experienced that really does make everything better.


6 Responses to “The hardest meme EVER. From Calliope.”

  1. Co Says:

    What’s a push circle?

  2. charlotte Says:

    When all the kids stand in a circle and push one kid back and forth in the middle. Wow, it is even meaner when one explains it.

  3. Kim Says:

    Just wanted to let you know I’m still here, lurking about. I think S and I might be ovulating around the same time (Thanksgiving), so how’s that for a coinkidink?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    How dare you forget ‘Chicken’???

    & a push circle sounds like hell or a fun mosh pit.

  5. charlotte Says:

    Oh yeah, Chicken is our cat’s name…but we LOVE that name.

  6. praise Says:

    nice blog

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