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Sperm for Sale? November 9, 2006

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We have 2 vials purchased from the lesbian sperm bank in Berkeley, that we don’t need anymore. The vials have never left the facility, but we own them. I would just like to recover some of our money since the bank does not buy them back. Vials from the bank cost $445, but we would sell them for way less.

Anyone know anyone who wants super duper ID release sperm for a discount???

The donor is great, email me or leave a comment for more info and I’ll provide the donor number so you can look up his statistics on their site. The bank will facilitate the transfer for us, and then you can keep the vials there or have them transferred. Let me know if any of you have questions.

The whole sperm situation keeps being weirder than expected, and always in a new way…Like now I’m going to sell sperm online? Whatever people.


7 Responses to “Sperm for Sale?”

  1. Estelle Says:

    I did a “sperm for sale” post about 7 months ago I guess… and in it were scathing remarks about the guy and big whine fests about how sick my kid is and bitching about all of it… it was OBVIOUS that I did not mean to sell it in any way shape or form.
    I got TWO emails asking me how much I wanted for it.
    I predict your email getting very full….

  2. eryn Says:

    This is not really any of my business, but why are you selling the sperm?

  3. Co Says:

    Every time I click here and see your subject line, I imagine the head of the orphanage from the film of the musical Oliver singing “Sperm… sperm for sale… He’s going cheap…” “How much?” “Only 7 guineas…”

    He sings a song called “Boy for Sale.”

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Is the bank PRS? I’m looking for vials for donor 580. So, if you happen to have some 580 on ice we may have a deal…

  5. charlotte Says:

    No the bank is TSBC. We are selling it because we want to get some of our money back!

  6. eryn Says:

    We’re using TSBC. I’m intersted to know the donor #. If it’s the one we’re using we may be intrestedin buying. Can you email me

  7. Larae byrge Says:

    Do u still have the sperm 4 sale

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