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I lied November 9, 2006

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We still are probably not pregnant, but when I said S was not pregnant I/we were assuming she would get her period on Today, 14 DPO. Usually she gets it on 13 DPO. Only twice has she had it on 14 DPO, and both times she spotted late at night on day 13. But she has all the symptoms of period on the way…and has the ‘my period is coming’ feeling which has always been right regardless of temperatures or symptoms. Thus, today we were both so sure she would get it that I didn’t chart stalk, I didn’t even really hope. I even entered the ‘menses’ into her chart, so I wouldn’t have to do it later when I was totally depressed.

I was bummed all day, and waiting for her to call and tell me there was blood. I mean who tests negative on 14 DPO?? With morning pee?? And that was negative test #3 of this cycle.

But no blood today.

A day late on her period is more likely than pregnant and not showing positive at this point. And fucking FF said “You are past your usual luteal phase. You may take a test, you may be pregnant!” Those a-holes should know better than to write that message.

I super duper don’t want to hope. And I don’t really want anyone else to hope either (please don’t hope, I don’t know if I can bare it). I have never met anyone who was pregnant (who was sure they ovulated) and did not test + by now. For fuck’s sake. If the blood is coming, please GOD let it come.

At this point I feel tortured.


5 Responses to “I lied”

  1. Sarah and BB Says:

    This is NOT hope. I am just stating a fact.

    BB did not test positive until 16 dpo, and that was a very faint line. The BFP didn’t come til 2 or 3 days later.

    I really REALLY hope you get your answer soon. Waiting in limbo sucks. BIG time.

  2. Lo Says:

    I, too, hope for an answer soon. I have tricked myself into hope enough times…

  3. Gretch Says:

    Hoping you have an answer soon!

  4. Estelle Says:

    I also know someone who did not test positive until 2 weeks past when her period was due. That sucks. But it’s happened.
    But I won’t hope for you, because hope sucks and doesn’t do anyone any good.
    But it would be nice to see two lines or some blood I am sure.

  5. bri Says:

    Definitely torture. Wishing clarity upon you quickly.

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